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House collapses in Ulhasnagar, 2 dead and four injured


Mumbai: Two persons were killed and four persons injured in a house collapse at Ulhasnagar on Sunday. The incident took place at Shashri Nagar in Mharal village near Ulhasnagar at 2:30 am on Sunday. The house located at Mharal village suddenly collapsed due to heavy showers.

The deceased have been identified as Saifuddin Allaudin Khan (45) and Alladin Nizamuddin Shaikh (45). The four injured persons are Parvez Bansalraj Singh (26), Firdaus Ismail Mohammed Shaikh (36), Khushnu Saifuddin Shaikh (26) and Neelam Pravesh Singh (26). They are all residents of the slum at Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation pipeline road.

According to Asmita Nikam, an officer of disaster management cell, “Since the house collapsed, Saifuddin Alludin Khan and Alladin Niazamuddin Shaikh who were fast asleep inside the house were trapped. Their bodies were removed from the debris on Sunday.”