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Himanshu Roy’s medical report: Cancer had spread to his brain


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Mumbai: Himanshu Roy, the Additional Commissioner of Police committed suicide by shooting himself at his residence around 1.40 pm on Friday. The doctors confirm he was brought to Bombay Hospital where he was declared dead and later the body was sent to the GT hospital for the post-mortem.

“A group of forensic experts from the government-run hospital Sir JJ hospital were formed who performed the autopsy at GT hospital which comes under its umbrella,” a doctor confirmed. “The bullet was shot in his mouth which went through his head. He died on the spot dead and there are no external marks on the body,” said Dr Gautam Bhansali, a general physician at the hospital who inspected the body when it was brought to the hospital.

Arup Patnaik, former city police commissioner, used to provide guidance to Roy who said he used to take suggestions from him but since last one month, he had completely isolated himself from everyone. “We both shared a close friendship as we belonged from the same department. However, since last one month, he did not interact much with anybody. In fact, when I called him last month, he did not even respond to my calls,” said Patnaik. He added that after each radiation, whenever, he gained his strength, he used to hit the gym to keep him motivated to fight against cancer.

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He was diagnosed with cancer in his ankle in 2015, but continued with his duty for a year, after which he was on a long-term medical leave. There were extended periods when he couldn’t walk without a cane and was going to get surgery on his right leg soon. Roy came from a family that had many members were from medical fraternity. After taking suggestions from of one of his relatives, he had begun taking treatment in Pune under an oncologist who was known to him.

Earlier, he had taken treatment at H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital but later, the cancer spread to his brain in the form of a tumour. “Four months ago, his tests showed that cancer also spread to his brain and surgery was the only option, which he refused. The only option left was taking medicines and this process is long,” said a senior doctor who was associated with his treatment. Later, Roy is said to have consulted Dr BK Mishra, a well-known neurosurgeon from Hinduja Hospital.