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HDFC Bank VP murder case: The police version changed overnight


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Mumbai: Even as the police is claiming that 39-year-old banker Siddharth Sanghvi was victim of a robbery that went awry, the buzz until Sunday night was that Shaikh was hired by four people, including a woman, who worked with him. The murder was attributed to workplace jealousy over salary and frequent promotions.

These sources had said Shaikh was given the responsibility of disposing of the body and the car allegedly by the four persons, including two bank colleagues. To buttress their contention, sources pointed out that Shaikh was detained after his number cropped up in the call data records of one of Sanghvi’s colleagues. The colleague had made repeated calls to Sanghvi hours before he was reported missing.

These sources believe that there was perhaps more to Sanghvi’s killing than meets the eye. Mumbai police’s robbery hypotheses does not seem tenable in view of the measly sum involved – Rs 35,000 – it is pointed out. Also, there was no need to kill the banker, even if he had refused to shell out the money. The multiple injuries on the body of the victim also seem to suggest that all the pieces of the jigsaw are yet to fall in place. The initial arrest of the cab driver was made by Mumbai Police. Later, Mumbai police took over; in the interim the plot changed from one of workplace rivalry to that of a botched up hold-up.