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Govt trying to divert attention: legislators


Mumbai : The BJP is using the issue of separate Vidarbha to divert focus and deviate discourse in the state, the opposition as well as the Shiv Sena leaders have said. After the business of both the houses of state legislature was stalled on Friday over the issue of a private bill in the Lok Sabha for statehood to Vidarbha, a senior Shiv Sena leader on condition of anonymity said that the whole issue appears to be a drama on part of the BJP.

The leader pointed out that every time the state government comes under pressure, the issue of statehood for Vidarbha is brought to the fore and direction of discourse is deflected.

“Earlier this year, when the government had come under pressure over the charges of corruption during the budget session, the then Advocate General of the state Shrihari Aney had raked-up the issue of statehood to Marathwada. Before that senior RSS ideologue M G Vaidya in one of his articles had put forth the idea of carving out four states out of the Maharashtra,” the leader said and added that the common man in Vidarbha is not related to the issue.

“Aney had tried to hoist flag of Vidarbha on May 1, the Maharashtra statehood day. They miserably failed. They couldn’t garner support outside Nagpur city,” the leader pointed out.

NCP MLC Prakash Gajbhiye blamed the Shiv Sena along with the BJP.  “This is a Nautanki (drama) to deviate people’s attention from issues like corruption, inflation, unemployment, farmers’ suicides and crimes against women,” he said.

Shiv Sena and BJP both are responsible for the drama, he added.

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