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CB squad rescues abducted Mumbai teenager 

Mumbai : A Mumbai teenager, who was abducted from Haryana, was rescued unharmed in Rajasthan within four days, without the ransom of Rs 5 lakh being paid, along with the arrest of five persons, police said Thursday.

The abductors Irfan Khan (42), Iliyas Khan (40), Vaahid Jogi (26), Azad Mevu (25) and Kaasim Mevu (25), all hailing from Haryana, were arrested from Rajasthan on August 10, Deputy Police Commissioner (Crime) Dhananjay Kulkarni said.

All the five men were produced before the Bharatpur court in Rajasthan which allowed a transit remand to the Mumbai police crime branch that brought them here and produced before a local court.

All the accused were remanded in police custody till August 15, police said.

According to police, kidnappers had lured Pankaj Gupta (21) by telling him that gold bricks were discovered while digging accused’s ancestor’s fields and asked him to meet them in Haryana’s Faridabad city to buy gold bricks, but Pankaj, instead sent his brother Praveen (18), who was then abducted by the accused on August 6. The kidnappers then demanded Rs 8 lakh from Pankaj to release Praveen. Later, they settled at Rs five lakh ransom.

Explaining the modus operandi, Kulkarni said, “The gang used to get businessmen, traders, shop owners’ numbers through Just Dial, a local search engine, and then dial the victims.”

In this case, the abductors dialed Pankaj’s number in July informing him that gold bricks had been discovered in their ancestors’ field but the Haryana government was not permitting them to sell it off.

“They enticed Pankaj saying that they were selling the gold in black market at a nominal price. Pankaj first met the accused in Haryana on July 25 when he was shown a small piece of real gold in a bid to convince him,” the DCP added.

“When the accused asked Pankaj to meet them again, he sent his brother Praveen on August 6 to Faridabad. The accused then kidnapped Praveen and made a ransom call for Rs 8 lakh. Pankaj agreed to pay Rs 5 lakh but also complained at Shahu Nagar police station at Mahim here,” Kulkarni said.

The gang told Pankaj to reach Bharatpur city in Rajasthan on August 9 with the ransom, Kulkarni said.

“Our men accompanied Pankaj. However, upon reaching the city, the accused asked Pankaj to head to Kama town in Rajasthan. Pankaj went to Kama, where a trap was laid and as soon as the gang was spotted, our men apprehended them and rescued Praveen,” the DCP added. Police suspect that the accused may have cheated several others in similar fashion and appealed to the victims, if any, to approach them and lodge a complaint.     -PTI

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