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Global competition in South Korea: Mumbai firemen win world’s ‘toughest firefighters’ title


mumbai, fire, mumbai fire, drone, Directorate General of Civil Aviation Authority, Rescue, Mumbai fire brigadePhoto by Bhushan Koyande

Mumbai: Mumbai, the haadson ka sheher, has witnessed almost 49,179 fire disasters between 2013 and July 2018, according to the response received by an activist to his RTI (Right to Information) query recently.

Battling over 9,800 blazes a year seems to have made the city’s firefighters champions at their jobs, as a team of 14 left for South Korea in mid-September, without any special training, to participate in the 13th World Firefighters’ Games at Chungju, South Korea. They won the title of ‘Toughest Firefighters Alive in the World from India’ at the competition held from September10-17.

Deputy fire officer Deepak Gosh with 13 others, participated in the competition and won more than 50 medals in baseball, javelin throw, singles free tennis, open water swimming, running and a full marathon. Three firefighters participated in the ‘Toughest Firefighters in the World’ competition, which included climbing a 54m tall tower in three minutes.

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