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Get a dose of Pawfect Sunday at Cuffe Parade


cuffe parade event

In our fast pace of urban life we have forgotten about the nature and the animals that form part of our community – the stray cats and dogs that inhibit our roads – do we even spare a thought as to how they survive, what they eat, their other basic emotional and physical needs. Cuffe Parade Residents Association’s Animal Welfare Group in association with the Foundation for Mumbai Animals is organising ‘Paint a wall’, an event that aims to inculcate compassion towards animals via the mode of art in all ages. The day long event will also focus on spreading awareness about the hygiene of pets and to keep the locality poop-free.

The event is being organised by five animal lovers – Smita Shah, Ashraf Hussain, Nancy Lalla, Ruksan Vohra and Devang Vyas. “We have a very good group working towards the welfare of animals and since the last couple of months we are feeding dogs and are taking care of them. In Cuffe Parade there are 55 dogs and over 100 cats. We conduct regular sterilisation and vaccination programmes. Every 3 months we provide medicines for strays,” says Smita Shah, one of the co-organisers of the event.

“Many of us are animal lovers and have pets at homes, however we are hardly aware of animal life on the harsh Mumbai roads. Through this event we wish to bring awareness on various stray animal issues in our community. We wish to convey how animals enrich our lives with their unconditional love and positivity,” adds Smita. Some of the messages that would be covered through this wall-art work are – prevention of diseases through healthy feeding and yearly inoculations, adoptions of community pets (strays), educating on scooping the poop from the roads, cure human sickness, medications and more.

55-year-old Madhu Kastia is an artist and had her chemotherapy two weeks back is working round the clock for the welfare of the animals. “This is many passion and it gives me pleasure from inside,” says Madhu. She has recently being felicitated by the Reliance Hospital for fighting cancer with bravery.

When: April 8, 2018
Time: 9 am to 7 pm
Entry fee: Rs 200
Venue: Lane next to Iris, Cuffe Parade