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Gender reassignment: Five-year-old undergoes Step I of surgery on Friday


Mumbai: Doctors successfully performed the first step of genital reconstruction surgery on a five-year-old from Beed, at the state-run St George Hospital on Friday. Doctors said they had recreated the child’s right testicle, which had remained underdeveloped and hidden under the skin for the first five years of the child’s life.

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, medical superintendent, said they had asked the parents of the child to continue administering hormonal supplements. “Later, after reviewing the child’s recovery from this procedure, we will embark on the second stage of the operation,” Gaikwad said.

Mohammed Sayyed Khan, the child’s father, said, his child is stable now and will soon be discharged from the hospital. “The operation was successful and my child’s condition is stable now. After his discharge, we will need to come to the hospital for a follow-up,” added Khan.

Plastic surgeon, Dr Rajat Kapoor, who had evaluated the minor, had found the presence of testes, the male reproductive organ, and absence of female internal organs. Underdevelopment of genitalia had resulted in the impression that the child was female, said Dr Kapoor. The karyotyping reports have established the child is male.

The child was born in 2013 and was being raised as a girl. Three years later, the parents realised something was amiss when the child began to scratch his genitals. A Beed doctor asked the parents to get the child’s blood tested in Mumbai. Before coming to Mumbai, the parents consulted another Beed resident, Lalit Salve, a constable who had undergone gender reassignment surgery in May.