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Ganesh Festival 2016: Ganpati “Raja’s” in Mumbai


It’s time for Ganesh Festival, region across Mumbai, Pune and Konkan are full with – beating of the drums, Puneri Dhol and Ganpati chants, chaotic queues outside pandals and everyone’s favourite modaks – these are just a few things people love about the festival. Every Ganpati Mandal promises to give a unique experience.

Here is a list of well-known Ganapati “Raja’s” in Mumbai.

Girgaumcha Raja

Girgaumcha Raja is an eco-friendly idol made of clay by Ganesh Patkar in 1928. After that, four generation from the Patkar family have made the idols, Vishnuvant Patkar, Deepak Patkar, Bapu Patkar and now Rajan Patkar. This year specialty is that women will also participate to pull the trolly which is approximately 3 tonnes with the Ganesh idol during visarjan.

ABP Majha, Ashirwad Pipes, Lawrence and Mayo- ivek Nandulkar, Go Cheese, Sahmrao Vitthal Bank, DNS Bank, NKGS Bank, City co-operative Bank, Saraswat Bank, Maharashtra Bank are sponsors of Girgaumcha Raja. From sponsorship they get a donation of Rs 4 – 5 Lakh.

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Keshavjee Chi Wadi

Keshavjee Chi Wadi is most famous for idol placed by Lokmanya Tilak. According to the residents, Lokmanya has asked the locales to keep Ganesh idol at Keshavjee Chi Wadi . He used to visit the Wadi 2-3 times during Ganesh Festival. This year mandal has completed 124 years. The idol is only 3 feet which is made by clay (eco- friendly).

This Keshavjee Chi wadi is called as Brahmin place but now a days Gujarati, Marathi and all caste of people live together and celebrate together. Cultural programme are arranged for kids and women.


ChandanwadiThis year Chandanwadi Ganesh idol looks in avatar of ‘Lord Vishnu’. The themes of the mandal was a ‘Samudra Manthan’ . This years Chandanwadi completed 38 years. Chandanwadi idol Ganesha was established in 1977.

The Chandanwadi idol is very famous for his ‘Udta Shela” which a dupatta like clothes which keeps on his shoulder. When a standing Ganesh Murti move towards the Shela swings in air.

Andhericha Raja

Andhericha RajaAndhericha Raja has completed its 51st year. The Theme of the Mandal is Trimbakeshwar Temple which is a lord Shiva temple located in Nashik.

Andhericha Raja was started by employees of Tata Special Steel in 1966. However, now the mandal is managed and run by the Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Utsav Samiti. The Andhericha Raja also known as a Goddess who fulfills the wishes of devotees.

Andhericha Raja immersion takes place on Sankashti Chaturthi which comes after fifth day of ‘Ananth Chaturdasi’. The procession takes 20 hours to immersion at Chowpathy.

Dongricha Raja

Dongricha RajaDongricha Raja is also known as Raja in South Mumbai and has completed 78 years. The theme of the Pandal was a Rajmahal. The idol sculpture is Manohar Bagve at Lalbaug. Dongri is situated in South Mumbai where Hindu equally Muslim live together. The speciality of Pandal is that Muslims also do the Aarti of Dongricha Raja during Ganesh Festival.

Fortcha Raja

Fortcha RajaFortcha Raja is one of the most famous Raja in South Mumbai. Fortcha Raja completed 56 years. The theme of the pandal is based on environment. The Ganesh idol made by Rajan Khatu at Parel workshop. Fortcha Raja is one who’s immersion takes place next day of ‘Ananth Chaturdasi’ at Girgaum chawpati.


GSB is also known as gold Ganesh by Mumbaikars. This years mandal completes 62 years.  The mandal is managed by GSB Seva Mandal at Andheri which also known as richest Ganpati idol in Mumbai. The idol holds 60kg gold and 175 kg silver. The GSB Ganesh immersion is held on fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi at Dadar chowpathy.