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Family takes fireman’s body after aid, job demands accepted


Mumbai: The family of slain fireman Nitin Ivalekar, who had refused to take possession of his body until their demands for adequate compensation and a Government job were met, relented after getting a firm assurance in this regard from civic officials today.

Ivalekar died yesterday after being trapped on the rooftop of Lotus Business Park, a 22-storey commercial building in suburb Andheri where a massive blaze broke out, while taking part in firefighting operation.

According to Fire Brigade officials, the 35-year-old civic employee’s wife, Shubhangir, had refused to take his body for last rites till about 2 pm even after respects were paid to him at Byculla fire station at 9 am.

“The family members of Nitin were asking for Rs 50 lakh compensation but we explained to them that giving such a huge amount is not possible. The maximum they can get is about Rs 30 lakh, including the money that will be paid by the Municipal Corporation. However, the final amount will be arrived at only after valuation taking various factors into account,” Chief Fire Officer A N Varma told PTI.

The slain fireman’s wife (31) also demanded a Government job for herself to take care of financial and educational needs of her minor daughters.

“Only after we gave in writing that compensation will
be paid and a suitable job will be given to her within a month that she agreed to take her husband’s body from Byculla fire station,” Varma said.

Twenty-one firemen got stranded on the rooftop of the building, whose 21st floor was engulfed in flames around afternoon. They were later rescued with the help of Navy and Coast Guard helicopters.