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Exhibition held in city to mark Turkey coup bid anniversary


Mumbai : A photo exhibition was organised by the Turkish Consulate General in Mumbai on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the failed coup by a faction of that country’s military.

A commemoration service was also held to thank people for support after the failed coup attempt, Consul General of Turkey in Mumbai Erdal Sabri Ergen told reporters.

Local dignitaries and Turkish representatives attended the events, Ergen said. The photo exhibition includes snapshots of Turkish civilians overcoming the tanks as well as the bombed Parliament building, which was a clear indication of the targeted attack on elected power, Ergen said.

A prominent photo on display is that of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gesturing his gratitude to the cheering crowd after the failed coup. The Consul General recalled how several people in Mumbai reached out to him to deplore the coup attempt and express relief at its failure.

“They expressed their love about the beauty of Turkey and also their disappointment over the coup,” Ergen said. “Necessary precautions are being taken (by the Turkish government) to prevent the repetition of such an act,” the senior diplomat said. “It (the failure of the coup) was a victory for the people and the elected government,” Ergen said. “That is what we are celebrating.” In July last year, gun battles broke out and a section of the Army used tanks and fighter jets in a military  coup attempt to bring down the Erdogan regime.