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Empowering consumers, CGSI celebrates golden jubilee in style


CGSI organises 5km Walkathon in association with Juhu Beach Walkers Group and Rotary Club of Juhu on Sunday

Mumbai : Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) is an organisation which focuses on addressing and solving consumers complaints in an amicable manner after conducting a thorough research and studying the case page by page, point by point wherein a fair chance is given to consumer as well as the company to explain and express their opinion in the matter, said officials of CGSI which celebrated its golden jubilee on Sunday.

Chairman of CGSI, Sitaram Dixit, stated that they do not believe that “Consumer is always right” and “Company is always at fault” because often the consumers do not read and understand the terms and conditions of the company which creates a problem leading to dissatisfaction among the consumers. Through their helpline, CGSI receives approximately 1000 complaints every month of which 80 percent are addressed and resolved.

After receiving a complaint, CGSI’s legal team has a one-on-one conversation with the consumer wherein they are guided and explained the legalities and formalities involved in the case. Following this, the legal team of CGSI studies their case and they then approach the company to solve the matter in an amicable manner. “Often, majority of the companies respond in a positive manner wherein they are interested to settle the case in a civilised way. The company then understands the consumer’s complaint and resolves their issues by compensating them,” said Dixit.

The consumer organisation was founded in 1966 with an aim to protect consumer rights and since has been a pioneer in protecting consumers’ interests. With changing times, there has been a change in the complaints of consumers wherein 10-15 years, consumers used to have complains of rationing issues and telecommunication sector. But today, majority of the consumers have e-commerce and real estate complaints wherein a company has delivered a defective product and is not ready to exchange or the builder is turning back on his word for paying the said amount.

CGSI officials state that there are many consumers who are ignorant, do not want to gain knowledge about their rights which acts as a huge stumbling block. “We come across cases wherein the consumers despite of committing a mistake once, do not learn and repeat the mistake. Such consumers are not willing to change their attitude and do not want to learn and be aware. We aim at addressing consumers problems but we do not blindly trust they are right and we ensure this by doing a detailed study about their case. Therefore, even the companies when we call them to settle a consumer’s complaint believe in us and come forward to settle the matter peacefully.”

Meanwhile, a unique 5km Walkathon was organised by CGSI in association with Juhu Beach Walkers Group and Rotary Club of Juhu on Sunday wherein nearly two thousand enthusiasts from all walks of life registered their participation. The event coincided with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of CGSI which focused on creating awareness about health, wellness and consumer empowerment. Senior citizens and teenagers alike walked the entire distance amidst thunderous applause and cheering by onlookers and local residents.

Dr MS Kamath, secretary of CGSI, said “An event of this nature is a first of its kind on Juhu Beach. Future events by CGSI include ‘Chai pe Charcha’ and many more. Events of this nature result in increased awareness and better utilisation of rights and powers by the consumers. Innovation is the key word at CGSI and we will use more exciting formats to engage the consumer.”