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Don’t worry, be happy: Mumbai has 93.31 per cent water stock as of date


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Mumbai: Citizens need not worry about water cuts until the next monsoon, said an official from the hydraulic department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). The seven lakes supplying water to the Mumbai city had 13.50 lakh million litres or 93.31 per cent of the city’s total water requirement on Tuesday.

The seven lakes which supply water to the city are Bhatsa, Tulsi, Vihar, Upper Vaitarna, Middle Vaitarna, Tansa and Modak Sagar. As on Tuesday, the water levels were as follows:

Upper Vaitarna — 19.88 lakh million litres
Modak Sagar — 12.89 million litres
Tansa — 14.41 million litres
Middle Vaitarna — 18.65 million litres
Bhatsa — 65.65 million litres
Vihar — 27.69 million litres
Tulsi — 8,046 million litres

In June, at the start of the monsoon, the lake levels stood at 14.87 per cent after good rains in their catchment areas. Tulsi, Modak Sagar and Vihar lakes overflowed in July. Mumbai requires 4,200 million litres of water daily, of which the 3,800 MLD is supplied by the lakes.