Doklam standoff: Navy says it’s prepared


Mumbai: Indian Navy is monitoring the on-going Doklam crisis, even as the Indian government is carefully looking into this situation and initiating dialogues. Indian Navy is ready for any eventuality that arises, said Vice Admiral Girish Luthra, flag officer commanding-in-chief WNC. Luthra said, “From the Naval point (of view), we try and be ready for any eventuality. If any situation requires us and if the government thinks we have to take any proactive measure, we will be ready for it. We are constantly monitoring the situation in our area.” He ensured that the maritime area is constantly monitored and is ready for any eventuality.

He also added that India is friendly with large number of navies. “We look at strengthening the maritime security at sea. Therefore, we work and operate with any navy at sea to maintain the security at sea,” Luthra added, at the sideline of IMC event in Mumbai. He also added that Indian Navy has long term and a short term plan for security. “We are preparing for present and emerging challenges at sea and around our areas. If there is requirement and if there any eventuality we are prepared at given time.”

As far as coastal security is concerned, he said that Navy is in constant coordination with multiple agencies. He also added since 2008, there have been a lot of improvement in inter-agency integration. By 2027, the Indian Navy plans to have 200 ships and 24 submarines. “As you know the government has sanctioned number of projects to strengthen the navy. These projects are progressing rapidly to improve capacity and capability,” Luthra added.

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