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Mumbai BEST buses to go cashless to buy tickets, pay bills and renew pass


BEST is encouraging it 30 lakh bus commuters and 10.5 lakh electricity consumers to go cashless from 10 December as it is introducing e-payment service, a mobile ticketing service, two mobile apps and a facility for credit card payments through ‘Point of Sale’ (PoS) outlets across the city.

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The BEST application would now allow those with normal pass holder to renew the same apart from allowing those who use the transport services once in a while to pay for single-ticket journeys. The card can be used by any family member of the card holder for the purpose of opting distanced based tickets.

In another important step, BEST will also introduce a separate application called ‘MY BEST’ through which its power consumers would be able to pay their electricity bill. This application will be launched on 10 December with the other transport application.

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With this step, BEST has finally come to speed up with other commuting services in the city like railways and Mumbai Metro.