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Deadline for DP of varsities extended


Mumbai  : The state government on Wednesday extended the deadline for the Development Plan (DP) of universities in the state. In the DP, experts will study the future course of the market and rising job opportunities in various fields and accordingly make the DP to sanction new colleges in the future.

Earlier this year, the number of students registered for engineering courses was found to have dramatically decreased across the state. On an average, a 25 per cent deficit of students was recorded in the engineering courses. Several engineering colleges could not enroll students in double-digit numbers in the present academic year.

On the other hand, a few colleges were closed down by the state government as they did not have the required number of qualified staff. Besides, the state government did not sanction new colleges under the University of Mumbai’s jurisdiction during the year. The DP committee is entrusted to study the present demand and supply chain of education courses and formulate a future plan.

Education minister Vinod Tawde (in pic) said, “The state has extended the deadline for the Development Plan of the universities in the state till December 31, 2015. After the study of the Development Plan, the state will sanction colleges accordingly.”