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Couple’s psychological trauma is the biggest challenge: IVF Experts


Mumbai : The biggest challenge faced by infertility specialists while dealing with couples undergoing IVF treatment is the psychological trauma faced by the couples after the IVF cycle fails wherein the woman is unable to conceive.

(Image source: Hinduja Hospital)

(Image source: Hinduja Hospital)

IVF experts state that it is crucial that the couples understand that even the best techniques have their limitations and 100 percent success is not guaranteed in some couples cases owing to unknown causes.

Over the years, the awareness about the IVF treatment has increased wherein the couples are well-informed about the procedures involved under the treatment. However, those couples who are not educated about the treatment are being informed and made aware about the different techniques involved and best suitable for the couple.

Dr Indira Hinduja, the infertility specialist attached with PD Hinduja Hospital said, “The IVF treatment is a sensitive issue for the couples who come with high hopes to us. Therefore, it is necessary that the doctors deal with the issue with great care and best intention. It is disappointing for the patient as well as the doctor when the cycle fails and the treatment doesn’t work out. At this stage, the couples need to be presented with the truth that the IVF treatment won’t work for them and whether they want to look for adoption or choose to stay without the child.”

Counseling plays an important role for couples undergoing IVF treatment wherein there is a need for constant motivation. IVF experts’ state that sometimes nature has its own course and couples have to understand all the factors and technicalities involved in the treatment. “There is a requirement of a strong bond between the doctor, counselor and the patient to be successfull in the treatment. It is crucial that the doctors talk to their patients about their challenges, difficulties and together help each other to overcome them. The success rate is increasing but there is still a lot to be done to reduce the treatment costs for making it affordable for the couples from poor economic strata,” added Dr Hinduja.