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Congress calls BJP’s foul on Maharashtra as FDI hotspot


Mumbai: Congress challenged claims of the state government which stated that Maharashtra has attracted 45 per cent of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). With the help of official figures given by Commerce and Industries department, Congress’ general secretary Sachin Sawant said that Karnataka and Gujarat are ahead in investment whereas Maharashtra, which was once at number one position during Congress regime, has been thrown to fourth position in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) regime.

The Congress demanded that the state publish a ‘white paper’ on actual investment in the state after Make in Maharashtra event and warned not to mislead the people of the state.

The state government stated that Maharashtra is at number one position in FDI having attracted investment of US $ 19.65 billion in 2016-17 which was just US $. 6.36 billion in 2014-15 (1 billion = 100 crores). According to government’s statement, Gujarat is on second number where FDI is US $ 3.36 billion and Karnataka is on fifth position which attracted US $ 2.13 billion.

Sawant said, “I am not taking about FDI, but taking about overall investment including in small and medium sectors. The figures which are published by the Department of Policy and Promotion which comes under Commerce and Industries ministry stated Karnataka has received highest proposal of investment worth Rs 1,47,625 crore following Gujarat whereas proposal of Rs 6,57,421 crore investment was received.”

Sawant further said, Maharashtra which remained at number one position in attracting investment thrown to number three which has received proposal of Rs 25,018 crore till September this year.

Sawant said, “As compared to the national ratio of investment, Maharashtra has attracted 10.07 per cent in 2015 investment. It was later reduced to 9.28 and 7.23 per cent during 2016 and 2017 respectively.” “It proves that Maharashtra became non-preferential state for investment under the BJP government,” Sawant claimed. He further stated that Maharashtra had attracted 33 per cent FDI during 2000 to 2012.