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Cherish girl children, says play in pandal


Mumbai: In a bid to motivate people to say no to female foeticide, a 30-minute skit was organised in Virar on Wednesday to send a strong message to support the girl child.

A group of 11 artistes including boys and girls portrayed different characters of a family to depict a story directed by a housewife Sangeeta Jathan in Global City’s Ganesh Pandal.

The story of the play revolves around a baby girl, who took birth in a family despite elderly members forcing her mother to abort the baby as they were longing for a baby boy. Despite all odds, the baby girl was nourished well besides being given good education by her parents. The girl, later, became a doctor and treated her ailing grandparents, who once upon a time wanted her mother to abort her.

The message in the play says that a girl can also change the world if a chance is given to her.

The audience turned emotional and gave a huge round of applause. The play also earned standing ovation from a few people sitting in the audience.

Later, the girl got married and went to her in-laws leaving her parents’ house behind.

The mother of the girl child, portrayed by Jathan, believed the girl child is a paraya dhan and she should be treated like a guest i.e. with extra care. The play conveyed a candid message that baby girls should be treated at par with baby boys without no differentiation.

“In today’s world, girls are far ahead of boys, be in sports, education or profession. They have been proving their identity,” Jathan told Free Press Journal after the conclusion of the play.