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Centre approves Rs 35 cr for state cancer institute


Mumbai : In a bid to provide a better treatment to the cancer patients across the state, the Central government has approved the first instalment of Rs 35 crore to the state cancer institute.

The decision came on June 16 after the special Cabinet meeting held in Aurangabad.Recently, the state government has decided to give the status of ‘State Cancer Institute’ to the Government Medical College and Cancer Hospital, Aurangabad.

“The institute is now a part of the Central government’s Family and Health Welfare Program’s ‘National Program for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, CVD and Stroke’ (NPCDCS),” said senior official.

A senior official further stated that the program aimed to set up at least one specialized cancer institute in each state.

“Each state was to get about Rs 120 crore, out of which 75 percent of the Central government funds were to be released only after the necessary action was initiated. Eventually, now Maharashtra has got its first instalment of the 75 percent of funds,” added the official.

The officials said that the funding which has received from the Central government would be utilized for the equipment purchase and constructions work.

The land for the same has already been allotted and the institute will be set under the guidance of Tata Hospital’s administrative director Dr. Kailash Sharma.

“Two dedicated cancer specialists have also been appointed for this institute. Atomic energy department will also help in setting up the institute as cancer treatment also includes radiation and chemotherapy,” added official.

The atomic energy department will also provide to the institute with ‘Bhabhatron-II’ which is essential for radiotherapy during cancer treatment.