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Can the new V-C ensure flawless & fast MU results?


Mumbai : After missing two deadlines to declare all 477 results, the Mumbai University (MU) is on damage control mode as it has appointed a new acting Vice-Chancellor (V-C)  Devanand Shinde and Pro-V-C Dhiren Patel. Mysteriously, without stating a specific reason, Sanjay Deshmukh, the V-C of MU, has been sent on an indefinite leave. Amid all these change, students and parents are worried if the new officials will help declare their results soon.

Students said right from the start, their major concern has been just one thing — Results on time — which was later changed to “We want our results soon” due to the prolonged delay.

A student said, “We have been waiting for over two months now. We are least bothered about the new officials as we all know that politics plays a major role in such kind of decision-making. Our only concern is will these new officials help declare our results anytime soon?”

Why didn’t the varsity ask for help earlier?

Of the 477 examinations, results of 328 examinations  (arts-131, commerce-15, science-27, management-24, technology-130, law-1) were declared while 149 results were pending till Saturday. Nearly 1,73,964 lakh answer scripts are yet to be assessed. The students criticised the laid-back nature of the MU. “After over two months of delay, the university has now awoken from its slumber and tried to incorporate some damage control measures. Why did they not ask help from these officials back in July or even before? They could foresee the delay and knew that they would not be able to meet the deadlines. They could have asked for help earlier,” both students and parents said.

New V-C will translate into new system

The new V-C, Dr Devanand Shinde, held meetings with teachers on Thursday to discuss various difficulties in the assessment process. Shinde said, “We have informed teachers to focus on completing the paper correction. The papers that are pending belong to commerce, taxation and law where the teachers are mainly working professionals. We are working our level best to resolve the glitches and speed up the process.”

V-C sent on leave was a questionable move

Experts questioned on whether sending the V-C on indefinite leave at this last hour was a wise decision. An educationist said, “The new officials are experienced and well equipped but this whole online assessment system was started by V-C Deshmukh. And thus Deshmukh is well aware about this system and its technicalities while on the other hand, the new officials will take some time to understand the system and especially at this stage when it is in a jeopardised situation. Secondly, time is what we all are fighting against so we cannot afford to waste more time.”

Declare late but ensure no mistakes creep in

On revaluation, the students said the results should be accurate so that they do not have to go through the tedious revaluation process. “It is already late, so it is okay if the university takes another two or three days to announce our results. It will be better than rushing at the last minute and awarding incorrect marks. We do not mind a delay but we cannot afford to lose a year running around for the revaluation process,” students added.

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