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Bol-Bachchans rob woman in Bhayandar


Bhayandar: After a brief lull, the notorious Bol-Bachchan gang seems to have raised their ugly head in the region, yet again. The victim, a 50-yr-old woman, was relieved of her gold jewelery worth more than Rs 40,000 by two  miscreants here in broad daylight on Friday.

According to the police, when the woman, identified as Durgawati Gupta (50), was on the way to her sister’s house, two  men (in the age bracket of 25 to 35 years) accosted her with information about presence of thieves in the region and it was unsafe for her to move around wearing ornaments. Under the pretext of helping her, the miscreants asked her to remove the chain and earrings. An unsuspecting Gupta  complied.

The ornaments were wrapped in the woman’s handkerchief, but with sleight of hand, the duo removed the jewellery and returned her handkerchief, ordering her not to open it until she reached home.When the woman opened the bundle at home, she was shocked to find only stones. –FPJ News Service

A case under Section 420 and 34 of the IPC has been registered against unidentified thiefs said an investigating officer while  appealing residents, especially women and senior citizens, to avoid having conversation with strangers.

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