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BMC’s Deputy Commissioner warns Campa Cola residents not to create roadblocks


Mumbai :Deputy Commissioner of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Anand Waghlarkar today warned the residents of Campa Cola of facing serious repercussions if they continue to create roadblocks in BMC’s work.

“Like we came in the other two days, today also we have come prepared at the unauthorised flats in order to cut all the services like electricity, water and gas supply. We have been trying to pursuade them for the last two days but they are not ready to listen.

Instead they have closed their doors and are objecting on our work and they are making a big mistake,” Waghlarkar said. “We could have used force, but if they continue to show defiance then we have to take strong steps. As per situation we will take a decision,” he added.

The residents of the Campa Cola society, who stalled the demolition of their flats for two days, are standing their ground even as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials have arrived for the third time to raze their flats.

A resident of the compound said, “We are standing here for our rights. Until we get justice we won’t go from here. Pressure on our minds is that what will happen now.

What will they do to us next? We are under stress about that when will they give us justice. We are sitting here hungry.”

The resident also added, “We are not able to get houses on rent also, people do not believe us. They feel if we will give them rent on time or not or are asking for double rent. People now know about Campa Cola.

There are many building like this but investigation has only been done on Campa cola. BMC is making us suffer but there is no investigation on BMC. People are eating and making money even by throwing us out of our houses and are building their own palaces by that money.”

The BMC had filed a police complaint against the flat owners for trying to prevent officials from implementing the Supreme Court order to raze the illegal building.

The BMC was supposed to begin the building’s demolition on Friday, by disconnecting power, water and gas supplies to all illegal flats. The residents, however, blocked the attempts of the authorities to enter the compounds.