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BJP sacks MLA Ram Kadam from state spokesperson’s post


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After facing backlashes and mounting pressure from the opposition parties, the BJP has made a decision to sack MLA Ram Kadam from state spokesperson’s post. The decision was taken by the party high command after BJP chief Amit Shah and Devendra Fadnavis took serious note of Kadam’s controversial remark.

According to Asian Age, Devendra Fadnavis removed MLA Ram Kadam from the spokesperson post after discussion with BJP chief Amit Shah. Fadnavis has also asked Kadam to not to appear on a public platform for some period. Considering the public anger over the issue, the BJP may also take further action against Kadam.

The leading daily quoted an unnamed source saying, “In the past, the BJP has taken action against MLA Prashant Paricharak, deputy mayor of Ahmednagar Shripad Chhindam after their controversial remarks. So the party will not spare Mr Kadam though he is close to Mr Fadnavis as his remarks are very serious.”

The BJP MLA made the statement during a ‘Dahi Handi’ festival organised in Mumbai on the auspicious occasion of ‘Janmashtami’ on Monday. Clarifying his stance on the issue, Kadam told ANI, “A 40-second incomplete video is being circulated by opposition leaders. I would only request them to listen to my complete statement. If my statement has hurt anyone, I won’t mind expressing regret for the same.”

“My statement is being quoted out of context. At that event, I said that all youngsters whether it be a boy or girl should take their parents’ in confidence before marrying. If they elope without taking their permission, the parents feel disheartened and it is very wrong to disappoint your parents. After saying so I took a long pause and someone from the audience said something which I repeated on the mike. I also kept speaking after that as well but it was not reported. If I had said anything objectionable, it was being live telecasted and there were a number of journalists present at the venue and someone would have pointed it out. But no one raised an objection because they had heard me completely. To find the true meaning of an address one must listen to it completely,” he added.