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BJP incompetent, Shiv Sena needs to walk out: Congress


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Mumbai: Maharashtra Congress President Ashok Chavan and Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam thanked 21 political parties for supporting the Congress-led Bharat bandh in protest of consistent hike in fuel prices.  Chavan called the BJP Govt a failure as he said, “BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad today stated that the Govt cannot bring down the fuel prices. This reflects their incompetence and further proves that the BJP government has failed miserably. They obviously cannot solve bigger problems, going by the fact they cannot bring down the fuel prices.”

Nirupam said Shiv Sena needs to chalk out a better strategy, now that Congress proved the bandh was a successful non-violent one. “Today’s bandh proved that the power of calling bandh in Mumbai does not lie only with the Sena. Mumbai has witnessed violence every time Sena has called for a bandh. But today’s peaceful protest has put an end to this belief,” he said. He addd, “Sena needs to have a better strategy, the shops below Sena Bhavan too were shut as the shop owners participated in the bandh.”

Defending the UPA regime, Chavan showed the comparative prices of crude oil was $107.09/litre which has fallen to $73 per litre today. Also the prices of petrol and Diesel were Rs 71.41 per litre and Rs 55.49 per litre under the Congress rule which has now reached Rs 79.51 per litre and Rs 71.55 per litre respectively as of September 2018. The excise duty levied by the on petrol was Rs 9.20 per litre under the UPA-led Govt which has reached Rs 20 per litre on Monday. The excise duty levied on diesel too is Rs 18 per litre on Monday, which was Rs 3.46 per litre under the UPA rule.  “These statistics clearly show the consistent rise in the fuel prices despite the sharp fall in the prices of crude oil internationally,” said Chavan.