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At Deonar, meat traders complain of stray dogs


Mumbai: As Bakra Eid comes closer, traders at the Deonar abattoir remain dissatisfied with the services given by the civic body and allege that their complaints to the corporation are unheard.

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In a rare instance, the festive preparation at the Asia’s largest abattoir is allegedly going haywire with stray dogs- that are ‘strictly’ prohibited in Deonar slaughterhouse- vaulting inside the abattoir and hampering the meat sale. Saif, a trader at the abattoir, said, “There have been regular complaints made to the authorities on the disturbance created by the stray dogs in abattoir; however, no such action has been taken yet.”

The general manager of the civic body has clearly stated that there are no such complaints made about stray dogs. Dr Yogesh Shetye, General Manager of Deonar abattoir, said, “There are no complaints registered about such issues. Till Thursday, almost 1, 80,000 goats have been arrived at the abattoir. This is a huge number which also means we have increased our scale on maintenance and securing the animals. Without our management, it is impossible to handle this massive number of goats. Hence, there is no question of stray dogs entering the abattoir since our staff is continuously working for the betterment of the traders and the managing of the slaughterhouse is smooth.”

Yusuf Patel, former civic supervisor at the abattoir, said, “The services given to these traders are ill-prepared and have managed to disturb the animal’s quality of life. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has certainly failed to meet the basic requirements of the traders and their animals.”

This reporter found that the construction work of the newly made sheds for sheltering the goats was shoddy. The cement made water tanks for the goats was filled with dirt and mud but no drinking water. The traders also alleged that their goats were falling ill due to lack of space and lack of water.

When asked about the disrepair conditions of the sheds and lack of maintenance at the slaughter house, Shetye said, “These allegations are not true at all. On the contrary, traders have given us a good feedback and we are trying our best to avoid problems at the abattoir. We have improved our maintenance system than the last year. We have reserved almost 80,000 liters of water for the animals to drink. Moreover, we have extended water pipelines to the sheds to continue refilling the tankers made for the goats. Also a small tanker has been kept at places where pipelines cannot be stretched.”

Spread at 64 acres, it seems that the civic run Deonar abattoir is not ready for the upcoming Muslim festival where buyers across the city participate in this huge market.

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The Free Press Journal had reported on September 4 that the Deonar abattoir was suffering from a space crunch to shelter the -to be slaughtered- animals. Moreover, the report also mentioned about the ill-prepared maintenance by the civic body. This story also highlights the unmaintained condition of the abattoir and increasing number of complaints from the trader, whereas the authorities have rejected such claims.