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Mumbai: A glass bridge over Bandra Talao


Mumbai : Architecture skills and techniques have been put to use to revamp the 200-year-old Bandra Talao at Bandra (west). Two architecture students have presented a proposal to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to create a glass walkway for citizens to see the aquatic life of the lake, transparent glass boardwalk on which visitors can walk, reading area and exhibition space for art installations.

The lake, which is 5714 square metre wide, is currently visited by a decreasing number of citizens as it has been misused due to large amount of garbage being dumped into the lake. Karan Ruparel and Sagar Jhanglani, graduate students of Indian Education Society (IES) College of Architecture, along with other students conducted a detailed survey and have proposed to revamp the area into a citizen friendly heritage structure.

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A 30 metre long glass walkway will be constructed through which citizens can see the aquatic life inside the lake. Jhanglani said, “The lake is rich in biodiversity and has various species of fish, turtles and migratory birds. This glass walkway will not take the visitors under the water but will give them an opportunity to witness the aquatic life.”

The students believed that the only way to attract more people to the lake and prevent drug addicts from visiting the area is by increasing the number of visitors through various recreational activities. A 100 metre long transparent glass boardwalk will be constructed on which citizens can walk and see inside through the lake.

“Also, there will be stepping stones for children, integrated seating with slides, benches for senior citizens and reading area for college youth. We aim to cater to different age groups so that all the visitors can have a unique serene experience,” Ruparel added. In addition, there will be an exhibition area for art installations, lights system for fountains and rooftop in some portions to prevent the heat of the sun.

The project which will cost Rs 8.81 crore has been accepted by the BMC as the civic body has agreed to work in unison with the students for this project. Ajoy Mehta, civic chief, told the Free Press Journal, “The work of this project will be taken care at the ward level.” Cleanliness and maintenance is a major issue at this lake. “Citizens, voluntary groups and the BMC should help us to keep this lake clean and maintain it as that is the sole significant factor for the beautification of this talao,” Ruparel added.