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5,000 civilians inducted in ‘traffic guide project’ by Mumbai police to decongest traffic


Mumbai: Mumbai police have launched ‘traffic guide project’ to encourage people to participate in patrolling and volunteering pedestrians and general public and to obey traffic rules. The project, the brainchild of Mumbai police commissioner Datta Padsalgikar, will give a huge relief to the under-staffed traffic force.

Speaking at the launch of traffic guide project at National Sports Club of India (NSCI), Padsalgikar said total 5,000 traffic guides have been inducted till now. “Out of these 5,000 traffic guides, roughly 2,000 of them are already volunteering on roads to regulate the traffic specially during peak hours,” said Joint Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar on the sideline of the event on Tuesday. Mumbai police have been visiting different colleges to induct them as ‘traffic guides’. At present total 1,000 students from various colleges have been volunteering to ease the traffic on city’s arterial roads.

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“The traffic guide project provides a platform for adults to collaborate with the Mumbai police in managing traffic across the city, by helping implementing rules. It is a police-public partnership programme and we encourage all citizens of the age of 18 years and above to dedicate few hours in a week to decongest the city’s traffic. Every Mumbaikar can partake in this formal recognition program by Mumbai police and help in creating a better and safer Mumbai,” said Kumar.

Several civilian guides were given safety kits including reflective jackets, batons and whistles at the event, where chief minister’s wife Amruta Fadnavis was also present. The guides are being trained by traffic police personnel about the rules and regulations. “Soon we will be sending them videos about the do’s and don’ts of road traffic,” Kumar added.

The city police in association with Cartoon Network also unveiled an awareness programme #BachchePoliceBulayenge for child safety and security. Two videos, featuring Cartoon Network’s popular character Kris educating children on traffic rules and regulations and stranger safety, were unveiled on Tuesday. The campaign aims at instilling the habit of approaching the police in case of an emergency and how can a child combat them together.

“In pursuit of building a safe environment for our kids, the campaign, #BachchePoliceBulayenge aims to educate and sensitise children to be aware, responsible and adhere to societal rules and regulations. We want to enable them with all the right information so they grow up to be well informed citizens and lead by example. Keeping this objective in mind, we found an ideal partner in Cartoon Network given their commitment to their young and impressionable viewers,” said Padsalgikar.

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