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50 percent Mumbaikars facing mental health issues: BMC study


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Mumbai: According to a recent study conducted by the public health department of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) revealed that more than 50 per cent of patients visiting to the major civic hospitals are diagnosed with hypertension and mental-health problems.

Senior doctors said the survey aimed to examine the disease patterns in the city, the drug requirements in view of current morbidity patterns and to suggest the required and appropriate interventions with regards to health services delivery and health infrastructure facilities run by the civic department.

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The study was conducted in collaboration with Department of Community Medicine, Sion Hospital and it was titled ‘Study of the Morbidity Patterns in the MCGM healthcare facilities of the City of Mumbai’. According to the report which surveyed the four civic hospitals, about 50 per cent of patients are related to psychiatry, followed by 23 per cent of patients with blood pressure and diabetes.

The psychiatrist said competitiveness for job interviews and growing expenses in life has become a key point of concern for people. Along with this, the rise of the Internet and increased mobile usage has led people to fall prey to cyber-crimes. “In the present scenario, people living in nuclear families do not get the time to vent out their mental stress; all these factors eventually cause depression among people in the long run,” added Dr Sagar Karia.

Dr Roshani Pradeep Gadge from Gadge Disbetes Centre said hypertension, diabetes and stress are inter-related diseases which means that one can lead to another. Diabetes is a chronic disease which requires the patient to take lifelong medicines which means that the patient has to shed money for doctors consultation and medicines.