3 months on, toll-free oral healthcare info not available in Hindi


Mumbai : The Union Health Ministry had introduced a toll-free number in two languages on March 20 with an aim of creating awareness regarding oral hygiene in India. But it has been more than three months, the people are still not getting any information in Hindi. If anybody calls and demands info in Hindi, the automated voice recorder states – ‘the option for communication in Hindi is still in process.’ The toll-free number was introduced in two languages so that it should be easy for everyone to know and learn about oral health related problems.

“The main reason for introducing this number in English and Hindi language is that it should not be difficult in getting information. As people staying in rural or tribal areas does not know the English language,” said a senior official.

One of the patients said that when he tried using this toll-free number in the Hindi language it was not available. “It seems like the Union Government has made this portal to educate English speaking patients as the helpline number is only functioning in the English, not in Hindi,” said a patient.

The official further stated that they were not aware of this thing as it is the first complaint they receive from a patient. “We will look into this matter and make sure information is provided in the Hindi language immediately. As it is our aim to reach every people across the state by creating awareness about oral health related problems,” said a senior official.

The oral health is integral to the overall health of a person and will contribute to the all-round development of the nation.

 “The Ministry is integrating oral health programme with other programmes so that adequate steps can be taken to mitigate and minimise the conditions arising from poor health. We need to combine preventive measures with emphasis on education to create oral health awareness among the various segment of the population,” said health officer.


  • The number was introduced on World Oral Health Day which is celebrated on March 20 every year.
  • Introduced in two languages. (English and Hindi).
  • Toll-free number- 1800-11-2032
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