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1993 Mumbai Blasts: The case is still open even after 25 years of struggle and misery


Mumbai: March 12, 1993, was the fateful day when the conscience of Mumbai was shook after a series of bomb blasts ripped through the city. Nearly 257 were killed in the blasts and 717 were left injured. Soon after the blasts, several people were arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Subsequently, a total of 123 people were arraigned as accused in the case and the trial was committed to special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) court.

The special TADA judge Pramod Kode conducted the trial and after hearing the matter for over a decade, convicted and awarded punishment to 100 accused ranging from death sentence to life time imprisonment. The special judge also acquitted 23 accused. Till date only the death sentence was confirmed only against one accused Yakub Memon that too after a series of deliberations and petitions. His death sentence though awarded in May 2007 was executed in 2015 after several benches of the Supreme Court heard and decided the match.

Post the first half, the second part of the trial commenced in 2007 and the same culminated in 2017 when the special judge Govind Sanap convicted 11 accused including key conspirators like Abu Salem, Mustafa Dossa and others. Nearly months after the second part of the trial concluded, the third part is now all set to start with the arrest of Farooq Takla, the close confidante of Dawood Ibrahim. Takla’s arrest is said to be the key arrest in the case since he was one of the main conspirators in the case.

THE Absconding 27

These 27 accused are still absconding in 1993 serial blasts

1) Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar

2) Mushtaq alias Ibrahim alias Tiger Memon

3) Ayub Memon (Tiger’s brother)

4) Anees Ibrahim Kaskar (Dawood’s brother)

5) Shabana Memon (Tiger’s Wife)

6) Reshma Memon (Ayu’s wife)

7) Javed alias Javed Chikna

8) Anwar Theba

9) Mohd Shafi Memon alias Jariwala

10) Mohd Phansopkar alias Salim Mujahid

11) Yakub Khan alias Yeda Yakub

12) Irhan Ahmed Chaughule

13) Khan Bashir Ahmed

14) Mohammed Dossa (Mustafa Dossa’s brother)

15) Munaf Halari

16) Nasir Ahmed Shaikh alias Babloo

17) Abdul Rahid Mohd Khan

18) Kamarbhai

19) Latif Noor Mohd alias Latif Bhagwala

20) Mohd Liyaqat Khan

21) Mobin

22) Shabbir Sayyed Ismail Kadri

23) Shamshad

24) Salim Abdul Ghani Gazi

25) Moahd Farooq

26) Taufique Jariwala

27) Sayyed Arif