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​Mumbai: 6 smuggling cases detected, gold worth Rs 3 cr seized


Mumbai:  The Air Intelligence Unit of the the Customs Department today detected six cases of gold smuggling and seized 6.3 kilograms of gold valued at Rs 3 crore collectively.

In the first case, the AIU officials intercepted passengers

Sayed Abbas and Nharhari Nithin who had arrived from Bankok and were to board a flight to Colombo. They handed over gold jewellery weighing 1.8 kilograms and valued at Rs 50 lakh to a domestic passenger, Lavanya Su, who was travelling to Hyderabad, at the airport.

In another case, the AIU seized 2.9 kilograms of gold valued at Rs 66 lakh from passenger Mazhar Abbas who had arrived from Ahmedbad. He had concealed the gold in his vest.

Mohammed Kaleem Valki, who arrived from Riyadh, was intercepted and 464 grams of gold, worth Rs 12 lakh, concealed in his shoes, was seized.

In the other three cases, the customs seized gold worth Rs 1.72  crore, being carried in suitcase trolleys and TV sets.