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Mira Bhayandar building project plan hits hurdle

Bhayandar : One of the mandatory reforms under the JNNURM scheme, the Automatic Development Control Rules (Auto-DCR) mechanism launched by the civic body aimed at speedy and transparent building plan approvals, seems to have hit a road block in Mira Bhayandar.

While the town planning department has sanctioned only four plans since the launch of Auto-DCR last year, more than 100 proposals are biting dust in the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). Reason: Applications are being rejected for lack of microscopic details. AutoDCR reads the building entities from drawings submitted by architects in soft copies and geometrically maps each and every entity and produces relevant reports embedded with drawings, once approved, the plan is supposed to be hosted on the MBMCs website showing the exact plan that had been approved and up to what level. However the advanced automated system doesn”t accept plans designed differently and follows only a single format.

In case of clear proposals, the architect is in no position to modify designs to get it sanctioned. ” I will look into the matter and take appropriate action to work out a solution in this regard.” said civic chief, Suresh Kakani.

The MBMC had projected an approximate revenue of Rs 14 crore, from local developers towards betterment and development charges in its annual budget, however the town-planning department has been able to generate a revenue of just Rs 35 lakh in the current fiscal, officials said.”The department should enable manual scrutiny when even clear and upto date proposals are rejected by the system.” an architect said.

A Call-to-Attention motion to this effect was moved by opposition members in the recently held general body meeting of the MBMC, however the ruling governance abruptly rejected the motion on the virtue of their majority in the house.

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