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Work-Life Balance! Badminton makes me feel rejuvenated: Grand View Estates CEO Deepesh Salgia


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Deepesh Salgia, CEO of Grand View Estates (Shapoorji Pallonji Group) speaks to Manasi Yatin Mastakar about how sports and creative writing help him strike a balance in his work and personal life

Deepesh Salgia is a busy man. He is not only the CEO of Grand View Estates (Shapoorji Pallonji Group), but also a Creative and Strategic Vision of the renowned play Mughal-e-Azam: The Musical. With industry experience spanning 25 years and a portfolio that boasts the likes of Tata and Mahindra group, Deepesh regularly writes blogs on real estate and various other topics to keep monotony and stress at bay. But it is sports that Deepesh indulges in to keep himself energised.

Balance is important

The natural tendency of every system is to move towards a state of equilibrium. Balancing opposites is fundamental to any equilibrium. Be it electrons and protons, be it yin and yang or work and life, the presence of one is a must for the existence of the other.

Getting creative

Work is when your mind governs your body. Sports is when body governs the mind. Therefore, for me, sports is a great balancing act. Work is when your mind is governed by external forces (for example, professional requirements, organisational needs, etc.). Creative writing is when your inner energy drives your mind. And hence, creative writing remains my second balancing act.

Keeping stress at bay

In today’s world, stress cannot be avoided, it can only be managed. Badminton and Deep Impressions (my blog) take me into a different world. This world fills me with energy that helps me in managing stress. Also, every season of our play, Mughal-e-Azam:The Musical, fills me with energy that I use to manage stress in my real estate business. Two games of badminton every morning make me feel rejuvenated.

Learn to engage

Learn to engage in something that you love. Pleasure from self-less love is above anything in the world. It can only be experienced once you engage in it.

Hobbies help

With developments in medical science, life-expectancy has increased, but the retirement age has not. Post-retirement life has become much longer; few are lucky to be able to spend time with their grandchildren. Sitting idle, doing nothing can cause depression; so hobbies will be your best friends then, even more than good pension.

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