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Wonderful Weirdos Day 2018: Meet the wizards of weird


This Wonderful Weirdos Day, Shikha Jain Celebrates the celebs whose quirk factor dominates

“Fashion is an art and art needs to be exhibited. You are only different if you think differently. Clothing is for everyone, fashion is for few. If you have it in you to stand out, then why not?” believes Ken Ferns, celebrity fashion designer. On Wonderful Weirdos Day today, here’s focusing on the fashionably weird celebs who have created their individual style galaxies that never fail to shine.

Ranveer Singh

Not following any norms for his clothing choices and keeping it as eccentric as possible makes him top the list every time he steps out. It seems like apart from him, his clothes also have a sense of humour, which is why his fashion escapades from flashy to effeminate never go wrong. Ranveer is every designer’s dream come true as he slays skirts, jewellery, print on print, and even kolhapuri chappals paired with a suit.

Lady Gaga

She be the queen of the kingdom of wonderful weirdos. Lady Gaga relishes her own style and transforms it into a memorable one. From donning a blow-up metallic star creation to appearing in the infamous meat dress, she has worn it all in and out. She doesn’t care two hoots about public opinion and astonishes everyone with her outrageous dresses.

Nicki Minaj

Known as Black Barbie, Nicki Minaj rocks the fearless and dynamic fashion styles. Her extreme outfits and gravity-defying wigs have snatched the attention of many. She does it all – clashing colours, dyed hair and pompom balls. She even appeared to have tasted the rainbow while performing on the ‘I’m Still Music Tour’. Taking the celebrity world by storm she has become the new queen of kooky.


Govinda did turn heads. He might not be a screen regular any more, but his bizarre fashion sense has been forever etched in our memories for ages to come. He was everyone’s Hero No. 1 during his time when no one could pull off strange apparel like he could. The fashion industry may be adding funk to their style now, but Govinda has been experimenting for decades – dressing up in foil to pulling off suspenders better than teenage boys, to creating a new look with matching boxers and tie.


Rihanna does make hard choices. This confidence queen and fashion machine has amazed everyone time and again. Her style seems to be weirdly cool and has had us all on our toes waiting to see what she has up her sleeve next. Mummy-bandage dress and flying squirrel suits, which are better suited to a costume party, Rihanna flaunts it effortlessly as real-world wear. Whatever she wore over the past few years, she got away with all of it, thus she has got the power.

Get weird!

We all played dress up, but now it’s time to celebrate and play offbeat fashion if you want to stand out from the crowd. Go for print on print, get a monochrome wardrobe, even neons and graphic patterns are a cool way to pop up your wardrobe basic.

“Eccentric people are like the kick that the fashion world needs. Their offbeat and in your face styling stir up trends that leads to a new wave of fashion which trickles down as micro trend. In times of social media, they are the demi gods, who dictate the new directions and the new micro trends,” affirms designer Aniket Satnam.

Designer Preety Agarwal has a slightly different opinion and says, “Weird clothing is your own style statement, not the designer’s. You need to be daring enough to dress up like that, because only bold and confident people can do that.”

Ask about the rationale behind such looks, and they evidently serve to start a conversation and challenge preconceived notions of many social barriers. Designer Salita Nanda adds, “They opt for such styles to express their creative side, show their versatility as an artist and freely express the cause they stand for.”