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Winter fashion: Beat the chill, with style!


Winter is here and so is the big question: What to wear? Sapna Sarfare finds out all about winter trends for the fashionistas in you

The mood is set to beat the chill of winter in many ways. But are we winter ready when it comes to fashion trends? It’s never too late to know the latest winter trends to look like you are ready to walk the ramp and attract attention of the right sort.

Winter mode

Fatema Imran of the brand The Sewing Company feels winters are when wearing the most fun clothes is quite possible. “This is the only season where you can wear most of the fabrics and earthy colors. Talking about weathers in most cities in India, winter keeps you fresh throughout the day, since we don’t have extreme weather situations.”

Rinki Jhulka of the brand RV BY RV agrees. “You have to experiment a lot to keep yourself warm and at the same time want to style a chic look. Everyone wishes to look their best and simple tip is at first you should grasp on the essence of your personal style. How to look your best and get the most out of your clothes is not same for everyone but one can play around and tweak it and make it yours.”

Designer Natasha J lets us reminiscence of winter’s comfy factor. “Here, fashion stands for a lot of layers and cozy clothes. It gets pretty exciting as you can bring out all your stocked up sweaters and leggings to pair with your ensemble.”

Designer Varsha Wadhwa concurs with her fellow designers. “Especially since like an exciting present we have layers revealed, especially in India where parts of the country have such a diverse climate. There’s something so elegant with winter-wear with an array of sartorial choices and looks to add to each ensemble making it edgy/classy/fun/elegant etc.”

Sumanpreet Kaur, Designer, CaratLane does feels that since women go for layering or knitted seasons, long necklaces and long drop earrings work best here. “As the arms are usually covered, one must concentrate more on the hands, wearing multiple coloured rings instantly enhances the look.”

The popular ones

Rinki feels everyone must supplement one’s winter wardrobe. “We all look for a woolen coat or a thick wool cardigan for the cold days. Military style jackets are definitely in and so is an aviator. To stand out, get a solid color coat. Other things you might want to consider are a leather jacket and over the knee slimming boots.” Varsha speaks of chic coats and chunky knit sweaters that are classic staple every year.

While Natasha speaks of velvet playing a major part in winter attire along with jackets like bomber jackets/capes, etc, Fatema speaks about long trench coats, scarves, denim in all forms, grandmother’s hand-woven outfits, and her favourite leather pants.

Sumanpreet states that Indian women just love earrings. “During winters, women usually wear light pastel shades. Silver and rose gold work wonderfully with lightly shaded wardrobes. Hoop earrings were a rage some time back, however, they are still trending amongst the millennials. These can be paired with most casual and festive outfits and instantly add some glam to your look.”

Now trending

The latest winter trends are going to make you look the centre of attention anywhere you go. Natasha states, “Winter trends for men right now are jackets in different styles and draped silhouettes in darker shades. For women, we have trench coats, sheer layers and rich hues. Stockings, scarves, winter caps and boots are doing the rounds.”

Varsha thinks denims are back. “Think 80s-90s fashion – layering denim on denim or even wearing all denim. Silver is winning over gold in the form of patent leather! Cozy knits – anti-fit sweaters to chunky-knit stoles, Technicolor furs – for the adventurous – 80s influence of course, structured outerwear – tailored coats and jackets in tweed, pin-stripes etc. – may or may not have shoulder pads.” In terms of accessories, she speaks of knee high socks, and ankle boots with cross body bags, slouchy boots, belts over coats and anything reminiscent of the ’80’s fashion.

Rinki has a huge list to suggest. “In terms of pretty textures, you have velvet, silk, satin, sequins-shiny pieces instantly adds a luxe vibe to any outfit. Shiny looks are all the rage. Currently metallic is playing lead role in fashion along with plenty of pleating and sparkling fringes. The metallic looks were all the rage on the catwalks. It was a look we easily fell in love with, the variety of shiny metallic details all the more attractive when appearing as art on transparent gowns or as rather lovely prints on knee-length coats. Then there is the head to toe prints and lots and lots of layers. Layering plays vast role in fall season and it’s the right time to go with mix and match prints. We can hardly do anything without denim in any season. Pair denims with heels and a quirky print scarf to enhance the casual look. To keep one warm and comfy, fur will be on the top.

Add fur to the necklines, edges, sleeves etc. Furry lapels will be a huge thing throughout. While lace is a common look, we’ll see it appear as turtlenecks or as part of the skirts on dresses, either in panel or entirely in the design. Since the masculine meets feminine and vice versa today, we can easily see quite a few pantsuits among this fall fashion trends but with something more hip and cool. The power suits look great for this season and have all been given an interesting upgrade, in a more modernistic approach of not wearing anything under the blazer but a sequined bra.”

For accessories, Rinki suggests you kick start winters with chokers. “Then comes statement oversized pendants, along with ear cuffs, multiple piercings and other punk fashion for ears. Multi-layering your jewelry is on! Raw stones are coming up this season. This has been one of the biggest fall 2016 jewelry trends popped up quite unexpectedly on the international runways in a pop of colors, begetting pendants or bracelets, rings or earrings and will be continued this year hopefully.”

Fatema suggests, “If I think of winter 2017, I think of velvet. I think this season’s biggest hit is going to be the velvety love. In colors, I like black, maroons, olive and neon purple. You could have velvet trench coats, kaftan top, embroidered velvet jackets. You could have the velvet look in casual as well as party wear! The best accessory I could think of is a colorful scarf on an earthy color outfit.”

Sumanpreet feels, “Major jewellery trend include Chandelier Earrings for prominence, Neo pearls to a new spiced up look of classic pearls, Mix n Match to get innovative with fusion of materials & designs, Mystical symbols to add a touch of intriguing mystery, Bold necklaces to spice up the look, Revolutionary ear cuffs and Oversized hoops to renew the unavoidable classic look.”

Keep in mind

Winters are meant to be cozy. So advices are welcome to make yourself look great. While Sumanpreet feels jewellery is a personal aspect, it can be a reflection of your style. “One should keep it chic and minimalistic. When it comes to necklaces, you should balance it out with your clothes to bring life to the outfits. Earrings are in the direct line of vision when you talk to anyone they should be well considered whether it is a simple stud or dangling drops. Bracelets can be simple, stacked or exaggerated. They are all about adding that oomph factor to your style personality.”

 Varsha’s advice is to just have some 80s fun. “Play with colours and prints – and don’t be afraid of wearing a little bling in belt fittings/brooches to jazz up warm woolens!”

Fatema recommends, “Create your look with layers for a trendy look. But keep the look it in the same family color tone.” Natasha too backs Fatema on the layers suggestion. “This is one of the main seasons when you can pair and mix and match your outfits.”