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Why you must preserve your wardrobes


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You never know, decades later you may be a trendsetter, says fashion stylist Jeenali Desai.

Decades will fade, trends will change, style will evolve but fashion will remain eternal.

People think, ‘new year, new trends,’ but from a profound stylist’s perspective, under the microscopic light, our current fashion trends are nothing but a blast from the past.

Since the life cycle of a trend is absorbing and dissolving, the period of time between a trend’s moment of birth and death is rapidly increasing. From initiation to acceptance and eventually the bringing to its end, a trend can be around for millennia or a moment. However, as witnessed through art, music and theatre, it is apparent that things are in an infinite loop of talent, creativity and inspiration.

Sonakshi Sinha

Through the influence of social media and public figures, trends have broken the internet and have become global sensations. To name a few; ruffles, fringes and flared trousers for women and well-groomed beards, over-sized clothing and monochrome ensembles for men. What’s behind the curtains is that these trends have emerged from an era before ours.

Disha Patani

Who would have guessed that a simple children’s story would come to life in 2018 through the example of the famous Cinderella shoe. Flooded everywhere are the famous transparent heels. The kitten heel, known to have been prevalent in the Sixties, has been revived once again today. Materials such as popular fishnets, primarily used as tights in the early Seventies, have now revamped themselves into tops, jackets and even socks. Similarly, plastic, once used as a household material, has now reemerged as clothing on many runways.

Patterns such as polka dots, floral motifs and checks adopted from the generations prior to ours have all made a significant comeback to window displays of stores. Once these would have only been seen on shirts but now it seems to be quite the norm to see them on various items such as pumps, hats and blazers. The explosion of pastels and bold colors in fashion evident through co-ords, scarves and neckties today has been adopted from the early Sixties once again. Accessories are not far behind with the rise of vibrant headbands and bum bags mirroring the Eighties.

What goes around will always come around and this is no different in the world of fashion. Time is a witness to expansion of creativity on old trends. Fashion has taken a new stage to showcase the past in a more individualistic manner. Preserve your wardrobes, you never know, decades later you may be a trendsetter!

Jeenali Desai is a fashion enthusiast and stylist with a unique vision for contemporary couture. She turns ideas into reality using artistic processes.