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Which braid suits you best?


Many want some easy to do braids for any occasion. Sapna Sarfare asks hairstylists regarding such braids to make your locks look extra superb

Having magnificent tresses to brag about would come naturally to most ladies. It would also work well to style them well for any occasion or just like that. Braids are the thing for your hair if you have the length for it. And choosing easy braids for any occasion would (or should) be your perfect option. They will be perfect for formal, casual or any other occasion. We need just a little bit of help from hairstylists.

anytime popular
Delhi-based make-up & hair style artist Anjali Jain describes braids as evergreen, easy to handle and giving you that clean sleek look. Rupesh Palikar, National Hair Trainer at MyGlamm, informs, “Yes. It’s always in fashion. Braids work great with both work and casual wear and complement all occasions.” Hair stylist Drishya Bhagyanath who runs the salon Trendy in Juhu, Mumbai agrees with others and adds, “Braids work for any occasion depending on the type of braids you do. For example, a French braid can be done for both formal and casual occasion.”

going for specifics 
One always thinks that certain styles go with certain people. One thinks the same regarding hairstyles. Drishya proposes, “Though you can braid any kind of hair, certain braids look better in specific kind of hair. Fish tail braids look nicer on straight to wavy hair. Rope braids would look better on curly hair.” On the other hand, Anjali does not feel like that and says, “Basic braids suit every hair type.” Rupesh agrees and adds, “Braids work well on all hair types’ especially wavy and thick hair. However, avoid layered hair for best results.”

basics for any season or time
Of course, certain basics make you look great any time or season. Rupesh reveals that the Classic 3 Strands Braid, French Braid and Fishtail Braid rule the popularity chart in every season. Anjali further suggests, “Basic & Dutch Braids are quite versatile and go with all seasons and time.” Drishya finds that apart from your regular braid for any time, Fishtail Braids work perfectly well on your long tresses.

easy braids for occasions 
Going a bit further, formal or casual occasion can be enhanced better with some braid ideas. Anjali reveals, “It’s not that easy to pull off an excellent braid every single time. That’s a reason why three strands are mostly seen because they’re easiest not to mess up. Like three basic braids can be made up into a bun to give a formal look or some hair accessories can be added as well.”

Rupesh thinks Fishtail Braid style is the easiest & trendiest for every occasion. “Divide your hair into two even sections; you will have a left piece and a right piece. Take a thin strand of hair from the left section and gather it from the outside.  Pull the thin strand up and across the left section. Move it towards the right. Add the thin strand under the right section. It will now become part of the right. Gently hold on the two sections to tighten them.  Take a thin strand from the right section. Gather it from the outside of the section. Pull the thin strand up and across the right section. Move it towards the left section. Keep repeating till the end of the length and secure it with elastic band.”

Drishya thinks once you know the basic three part braid, it will easy to play around with different braid styles. She suggests an advanced Fishtail Braid – the side swept style. “Take all your hair on one side. Beginners can secure it with a rubber band and cut it later once the braid is done. Divide the pony into two equal sections. Take a small section of hair from one side and add it to the other side. Repeat the same on the other side. Alternate till you reach few inches from the bottom of your hair and secure with a rubber band. This braid can be made to look messy by securing it around ¾ of the pony and putting braid all over.”

some good suggestions
Suggestions always work best when taken with a pinch of salt. Anjali hints, “Even after watching a billion videos, no one can really be a braid wizard. Still, there are some tips & tricks up my sleeve. Firstly, braid hair when wet or damp, to catch all loose ends to form a clean braid. Secondly, be patient and practise as it takes some time to get your fingers moving correctly. Lastly, if you have highlighted hair then all the sections in the braid are clearly visible making it look neater!” Drishya thinks some braids work great with smoother hair. “Apply a serum or a leave-in conditioner to stop flyaway and forms sleeker look. Hair can even be blow-dried or curled for a better look.” Rupesh adds, “Make sure your braids are not too tight as it can cause breakage. Also, they should not pull your scalp as it can cause discomfort and pain.”

 Hair accessories for any braids:

  • Fresh Flowers
  • Head Bands
  • Comb Clips
  • Pearls & Beads
  • Bows
  • Coloured Strings or Ribbons
  • Extensions
  • Gajras for Traditional Look
  • Gold Buttons

Photo Credit: Drishya Bhagyanath