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Try these easy-to-follow bridal skin care tips


Dr Soma Sarkar, Dermatologist & medical Director, Skin Inn provides easy-to-follow bridal skin care tips

Several times it so happens that amidst all the wedding preparations, a bride is left with little time on hand to look after her skin. And in most cases, she will resort to getting skin-ready for her big day at the very end, leaving not much time on hand to do skin damage control. If running to salons is not possible every time, the bride can also get her home care regime in place, which should ideally start six months in advance. Easy-to-follow home care should be CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturising) with good face packs (in consultation with your dermatologist) and a good exfoliation regime for the whole body as well. Indulging in a good, healthy diet and ample fluid intake will go a long way in caring for the skin.

Home remedies: Use natural fruit packs every week and stop them 10 days before the wedding. Use exfoliants like sugar and honey or oatmeal and chick pea flour once a week for the face and body. Drink lots of coconut water, which is rich in minerals. Eat seasonal fruits, and the meal should be filled with colourful veggies.

Follow CTM: Cleansing – Toning – Moisturising (CTM) with good sunscreen will help in taking good care of your skin. Treat any skin issues like acne, pigmentation and tanning with your dermatologist. Don’t self-medicate or buy any products without the knowledge of your dermatologist. Also, don’t try new products or treatments near to the wedding date. Avoid experimenting with hair colour or facials closer to the big day.

Treating acne: For acne prone skin, start your treatment as soon as possible with your dermatologist and be regular with the therapy. Pick up the regular skin care products only after discussing with your skin specialist. The treatment for acne should start atleast six months before the wedding so that the bride has ample of time to get rid of the pimple marks, too.

For dark circles: Find the causative agent and treat accordingly, get ample of sleep and pick up a good sunscreen and an under eye cream after consulting your dermatologist. One can avail laser services for under eye darkness, but this should be ideally done four months prior to the wedding day. The bride can also go for under eye HA fillers as this will enhance the complete look of her eyes.

For oily skin: Pick up products which are gel based sunscreen and moisturisers. Use cleanser with tea tree oil or salicylic acid (1%) and rose water as the toner. Use retinol cream 0.025% for daily application at night three months before the wedding day. Use silicon based make-up.

Dry Skin: Use products which contain hyaluronic acid and peptides which helps keep the skin hydrated. Follow CTM and go for Hydration Facials with HA fillers; start your treatment three months before wedding.

Normal skin: Again, follow CTM daily and go for glow facials every 15 days for three months before the wedding day. Use products which are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic. Opt for aggressive peels once in three months along with your facials. Ask the dermatologist for Q switch laser which will help to bleach the facial hair, tone the skin and reduce tanning.

Sensitive Skin: Brides with sensitive skin should be careful while using skin care products, after all you don’t want any damage before your big day. Try natural products or go for ones which are paraben and fragrance free. Try fruit facials every 15 days instead of chemical-based facial. Take a lot of oral anti-oxidants to boost your skin immunity. Pick and choose every single skin care product only after consultation.

Glow facials: This should begin three months before the wedding. Glow facials will help will tighten pores and de-tan your skin, bleach fine hair and rejuvenate your skin from within. Take this facial every 15 days. If you are short of time go for hydration facials with fillers, one can also go for vampire facials which are sourced from your own blood.

Some do’s and don’t’s:

  • Plan your treatments routine way before your wedding day and with regular consultation with your skin specialist.
  • Try all make-up products long before your wedding day so that it helps your find out if you are allergic to any.
  • Don’t stress over what is not done and try to relax as the stress hormones will worsen your skin.
  • Don’t wax your body especially stomach and back as these areas are prone to breakouts, which can also cause rashes prior to your big day.

Try to avoid applying haldi during the ceremony on face or let it stay for a long time if you have acne prone skin as this could lead to further acne breakouts.