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Trend roundup: How to wear a midi correctly!


Midi dresses and skirts have made a bang with its comeback. Sapna Sarfare finds ways to wear this rather classic trend with aplomb.

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Fashion trends are tricky to follow and if they are making a comeback, you need to be extra careful to avoid earlier versions. Midi dresses and skirts are one of the latest fashion trends to make a grand comeback. They have returned with a more modern touch. Of course, we now need designers to converse about this midi trend and make it more present than past.

Fashion designers Ashish Tagra and Prasansha who run the label – Aharin by Ashish & Prasansha, feel the earlier midi dress and skirt as a trend way back in the 40s which went all through the 70s. “But now this trend seems to have exploded everywhere and has evolved as well. The good thing is that it also gives designers likes us a canvas to experiment with this silhouette too and attempt to make it more mainstream and in sync with the design sensibilities and trends of today.”

Designer Shilpa Panjabi of the label Shilpa Panjabi – Haute Couture, is on somewhat same wavelength. “But it hadn’t made such a dramatic comeback as it was not widely worn then, as many were not in favor of the midi length as the current trend at the time was the mini and much shorter and above knee length skirts and dresses which were considered more progressive in style sensibilities. Yet, the midi is a classic style for the ultimate chic lady of elegance and poise. It is more formal in its style yet attains a casual look quite easily for occasions but with a form of sophistication that’s a little more covered up.”

The reasons for midi skirts and dresses making a comeback with a bang are quite simple. Shilpa feels that there are quite a few reasons. “The fashion industry is always looking for inspiration and going into the past is one of the most common ways. The popular or widely accepted trends do make a comeback. Midi skirts are versatile and are characterised by their length. It works exceptionally well for most women, body shapes and diverse occasions. The midi can be seen to adorn the runway ramps as well the real life in different fabrics and materials and also more modern styles and silhouettes too. Not only is it reserved to classic styles but more experimental silhouettes and can be accessorised to make it more adventurous and classy.”

Ashish calls midi skirts as the perfect office wear, sexy cocktail outfit and still very retro chic look. “They have also risen above their condition and became go to skirts for casual occasions, sporty looks and effortless model-off-duty-channeling-styles. They are just so versatile. And simple and careful accessorising and styling can make your look stand out from the usual.”

Prasansha agrees that it has also made a comeback in terms of different style variants, lengths, fabrics and treatments. “Patterns and layering is another winning trend with the midi this season.” Shilpa considers this trend as the most experimental and versatile style and has returned in various forms. “Currently, since the trend of wearing sneakers/flat forms with just about anything and everything has been quite in vogue, the midi skirt has been seen worn with cold shoulder, off shoulder tops in pastel shades paired with white sneakers or flat forms. Even popular ready to wear retail brands are making the skirts and dresses in midi lengths. There are even some midi shirt dresses, dresses with cold shoulder sleeves too to choose from.”

Now that you have heard about the style quotient of this latest trend, you want to wear it. Ashish feels one can wear it anywhere and everywhere. “The midi can be dressed up or dressed down, official wear or even for a party look option. Coverage versatility is one thing the midi is known for, and can be played around with. For more coverage, opt for tea-lengths, and for less, don a slit. Wear them with heels, sneakers, flats, sandals… the sky’s the limit with pairing up and accessorising. But styling is the key here to avoid looking dowdy or frumpy.”

Prasansha further adds, “A-line midi skirts are quite the thing these days and loom great with side pockets, crop top along with chunky shoes. Or try for a pleated midi skirt to look sexy and effortlessly feminine. It looks fantastic with any shoes pr tops. For weekends or chic-casual occasions, choose to wear it with a crop top and stiletto sandals or flats. For office, try a button down with shoes. For French chic styles, you can surely go for a crispy shirt paired with brogues.”

Shilpa, in contrast, feels that a certain attitude is needed to make a revealing top or short skirt rock. “I would recommend adding some vintage flair with a varsity letterman jacket. You could even go for a slim-straight styled midi skirt that could also be paired with a textured top to be worn in the day. To be more formal, try a wrap around midi skirt that could be worn with an attractive pair of heels. You could even try a casual-cool look by making your denim midi your go to look with a casual tee and a pair of sneakers. And for a bit of edge, pair your midi with a bomber jacket or leather jacket with a pair of white kicks and you’re ready to rock that midi trend in true fashionista style.”

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Certain designs or colours suit the midi skirt and dresses trend quite well. Shilpa thinks primrose yellow colour to be very much in trend as quite a few celebs wore it at the latest Golden Globes. “For an undertone colour, hazelnut goes really well with different looks. The current style staple of the cold shoulder tops or a cold shoulder shirt with an embellished collar will work really well with the midi skirt. Even the bell sleeves seen in trend for dresses and tops works well with a midi skirt or dress to add that little oomph factor.” Prasansha suggests colours like pastels, classic whites and blacks, and patterns and prints which he thinks as trendy. “Even gingham prints are very much in vogue.”

Ashish feels the best way to accessorise midi skirts and dresses are with footwear, handbags, jackets or shrug and even scarves. “Or add to the midi as a waist belt too.” Shilpa too feels belt works well with the midi trend. “Another accessory for a casual look is a pair of sneakers, with either a denim jacket or a bomber jacket. Your midi is the most versatile garment which can be accessorised with different footwear or hand bags even to change your look for any occasion.”

With the required tips, you are now officially allowed to wear your midi skirts and dresses and charm everyone to glory.