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Top 5 reasons why working moms should make juice their morning potion


Being a mommy in the modern times is no easy task. And to top it, if you are working, then life sure becomes a challenge. Shuttling between work, kids, and home hardly leaves you with any time for yourself. With the kids being your priority, ‘my time’ becomes a luxury.  But hey you pretty ladies, don’t slack off. We have a morning elixir to charge you up. We suggest you make a glass of fresh juice your morning potion. This morning ritual will surely ease your woes and make you a supermom.   If you are wondering how? Just read on.

Ideally, the first thing to have every morning is a big glass of fresh juice. Your body gets instant energy by drinking juice on an empty stomach in the morning. This way you can cut down on your intake of tea and coffee. Having juice, the first thing in the morning means you can reenergize yourself in just 20 minutes.

Quick way of getting nutrients

We know how busy you can be in the morning, hence juicing is the quickest and the best way of consuming something healthy in that hour without upsetting your routine. Use a juice maker each morning to quickly add all the right nutrients, antioxidants and fibers to your diet. We suggest you invest in a cold press juicer to achieve optimal health. Be innovative with your juice recipes and make your not so favorite veggies and fruits easy to eat (or in this case drink!).

The best time to have juice

Eating fatty or unhealthy foodin the morning may result in piling up of calories, and you may end up feeling sluggish after a few hours of your intake. On the other hand, consuming home prepared juices along with a healthy breakfast will keep you active and energized for a longer duration.

 As a thumb rule, it is important to have juices on an empty stomach and preferably in the morning. Drinking juice on an empty stomach in the morning, will help you absorb all the essential nutrients.

Juicing helps in digestion

Over the years bad eating choices may have impaired your digestive system and hence may have limited your body from being able to absorb all the nutrients. Juices being liquids are easy to digest and will help you receive most of the necessary nutrition. Drinking them in the morning on an empty stomach will further help your digestive system.

Helps you consume the nutritious vegetables in a tasty way

Experts recommend six to eight servings of vegetables and fruits per day. But most of us find it difficult to reach this target. Having cold pressed juices in the morning can guarantee the achievement of your goals. Also juicing helps you consume a variety of veggies.

Supports weight loss

Drinking nutritious juice early in the morning will fill you up and help you resist fatty foods for the later part of the day. Also, it will decrease your carb intake during the rest of the day. Juices increase your energy levels, which motivate you to exercise. Drink your juice as a morning ritual to stay healthy.

Finally, it is advisable to have less acidic fruits and vegetables in the beginning.  Also always drink juice either on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after a meal.