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Tips to dress perfectly on this Valentine Day


Make your Valentine’s Day date special with tips on how to dress perfectly. Sapna Sarfare reveals the minute details which will nail the day of love for you.

The day of romance has come near and many will be getting ready to celebrate this day with someone special. However have you made all the necessary planning to surprise your loved one? Dressing up is equally significant in this planning. Arriving on your date wearing a ganji and tattered jeans will only win you lonely Valentine’s Day next year. Learn about the best way to dress on this day of romance and earn brownie points from your love.

Importance of dressing well

Designer Shivani Jain from Once Upon a Trunk thinks that since February 14 is all about love, it would be great to dress comfortably for a date. “Also, carry a smile, as it’s all about being happy and spending time with your loved ones.” Designer Kunal Anil Tanna too feels dressing well on this date is very important. “It is one of the ways of letting your partner know that V-day is special.”

Sana & Sulakshana, who are the designer duo behind The Circus, feel ‘every morning brings in a new day full of opportunities, so once should always be ‘ready’ for it’. “And Valentine’s Day is the day, we celebrate love. Why not bring it in with style and passion?”

Mantra for romantic success

Before choosing your attire for this special date, keep some mantras in mind. Kunal wants everyone to plan one’s look in advance depending on the kind of celebrations. “If it’s a daytime date, go for something casually chic. For a late evening celebration, make it formal with a touch of sexy.”

Sulakshana wants everyone to ‘break free from the norm’. “Keep it laid back and androgynous. Since the winter chills are still on, you can pick staples from your winter wardrobe.” Shivani’s mantra is, “Right fit is the key in choosing a dress.”

In terms of accessories, for Kanika Kedia, founder of The Diamond Gallery, the thing that works is choosing something which appeals to you in an instant. “Apart from that, jewellery mostly stays with you permanently. So, go for classic pieces that could be passed down for generations.” Laksheeta Govil, founder of Fizzygoblet shoes, wants everyone to keep comfort as the most important thing when one goes a pair of shoes. “Bright colours and whimsical prints are the cherry on top.”W_End_pg1_Feb12_lead 8

“Being well dressed not only makes you appear well groomed but feel good,” Saurabh Maheshwari of Vishal Jewels. “Valentine’s Day should be no different. To add sparkle to your outfit, wear your favourite diamond earrings and a lovely bracelet/ring to compliment it. May be a red something in your dress and red colour earrings/ring/bracelet may be the perfect match.”

What to wear on V-Day

Yes, of course, we will be providing you with the latest trend to wear on your date on this special day of romance. Sana recommends, “A bomber embroidered sweater with a leather mini is a bold yet feminine look that can never go out of style. Why be cliché and wear red? Team up outfits in blush tones with a bright red lipstick, the contrast is quite effective. An all black outfit never gets old.”

Shivani thinks in casual dressing, women could go for cold shoulder top with skinned fit jeans, while men can pick t-shirts with jeans. These days, slogan tees are quite the thing in the fashion world. “If going for semi-formal, women can go for a patch work or stripes light colour dress, while the men can wear white shirt with chinos. Those women with a taste for formal wear can choose long shimmery gown, while their male counterpart can check out a Nehru jacket.”

Kunal further reveals, “For women, an attractive and classy dress in pink/peaches or white with a classic pair of Louboutins looks great. Men must pick something out of the usual beiges/khakis and Ivory. A sleek black shirt always looks good. The weather is lovely to wear a light jacket over a pair of easy washed denims.”

Saurabh banks on denims for men and women which as per his view, can never go wrong with. “Pair with a white t shirt and keep it classic and cool. For semi formals, men can pair a blazer to a t-shirt, while women can wear a dress with a statement cocktail ring or bracelet. In formals, men can surely wear a blue suit while women can never go wrong with a black gown, with ruby chandelier earrings and a lovely ruby cocktail ring.”

A very casual date is where the ladies can wear the typical casual crop top paired with high-waist pant. You can even pair a statement tops with these pants. Turtlenecks paired with skinny jeans also do a neat trick on a date. A crop top with a mini skirt and jacket makes you look impressive with knee high boots. If you are not sure of the colours to wear, red & black are always trustworthy. Silk could be the choice of fabric. The nights are still quite nippy so carrying a shrug or coat would be an obvious choice. Shoes are equally vital to make your dress date a smashing success. Laksheeta advises, “Wear floral printed broguesters with flirty dresses for the cute but chic vibe.”

On an accessory mode

Dressing well comes with matching accessories. Saurabh feels accessories can make or break your outfit. “Jewellery is your best accessory! A ring, earring, bracelet, even a sleek necklace can make your look fantastic.” Shivani feels going for statement pieces can lighten attire.

Kanika states, “Classy and minimal is the way to be.” Kunal finds girls wearing a flirty bracelet or anklet as distractingly sexy. “A sling bag works better if you’re going dancing. Men should wear smart loafers or formal shoes depending on the outing. A nice watch can complete the look. Men’s charm bracelets too are in vogue n cud be an edgy accent.”W_End_pg1_Feb12_lead 10

Mistakes to keep away

Of course, being excited on this special romantic date means an open door for mistakes. Kanika admits, “People get carried away with so many new age designs, which I don’t feel are evergreen or classic. It has a short term life and then one regrets picking those up.” Shivani feels the worst mistake anyone can do on this date would be to over dress or end up wearing uncomfortable clothing. Laksheeta reveals, “Heels for this occasion become more of a pain than not. You need shoes you can dance the night away in and galavant across town!”

Both Sana & Sulakshana add, “You have to make the effort, but at the same time not goof up in the process.” At the end, Kunal advises everyone to be themselves with the person they love.

When words of dressing wisdom, it is time to pick the best attire and put your best foot forward. After all, your Valentine’s Day date is waiting for you to blow him or her off his or her feet. Fly away to the moon!