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Shades of Grey


Grey is the colour this season. Some suggest EL James’s erotic romance Fifty Shades trilogy & later bestseller Grey is at the core. Sapna Sarfare reveals more of the trend

You never know what might creep in as a trend. One small spark and the fire is set ablaze of that particular trend all over town. Fashion trends come under such description oft and chances are they change before you say “Who killed Roger Rabbit?”. EL James literally gave the colour Grey different shades with her Fifty Shades series and now Grey. Now Grey is the new black or orange or the colour in season. Suits are the most favoured fashion style which finds a match with this colour. Naturally, one wishes to use it in our style to look drop dead gorgeous or good-looking.

There must be more to this rather classic neutral colour. As per designer Masumi Mewawalla’s views, it comes out as the bold colour this season. “It is not only a formal pick but also a casual wear to a bridal wear.” It is most favoured colour for suits and can be found in various shades of it. “Usually, the concept of suits is always like a black or a white, but grey is a more wearable colour for men and women both. Grey used to be a like a dull and no-no for many people. But now grey is like a new must have in the suits,” Masumi suggests.

Designer Sadan Pande has an interesting take on the colour’s present popularity. He proposes, “Being both motionless and emotionless, grey is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, relief from a chaotic world. The color complements lead 2any skin tone and body built, though men with medium built look best in this color. It is such a versatile colour anyway so as long as the fit and feel of it are bang on then you can’t go wrong.” He is of the view that grey is a great way to break up the monotony of wearing the more usual shades. “Grey is particularly good for younger men, as apart from other colours, grey comparatively gives a mature look.”

Just some simple tips and your work are done in incorporating grey into your wardrobe, especially suits. Sadan begins by suggesting the interested ones pair grey with black or brown elements, to lend more flexibility to their wardrobe. “If you do wear a brown tie, wear brown shoes. It looks wonderful with grey. Pairing it with a crisp white shirt with black tie and shoes is a great look, if a little too easy and obvious at times. However, it will also go well with soft blue and pink shirts for simple way of adding colour into your suit and almost any colour tie under the sun will look great next to grey.”

Masumi recommends, “Women can team up a grey with baby pink to complete the formal or workaholic chic look. For men, pairing a grey with blue gives a cut edge manly look.”

It will not be fair to use this rather intriguing colour to limit itself to just clothes. Accessories too can be interesting, if you know how to use them in styling yourself. Masumi has some interesting yet simple suggestions to highlight grey accessories. She adds, “Grey, in terms of accessories, can be used by women in scarves, belts, or in a satchel bag and grey boots. For men, a hat (a must-have), grey shoes (I love loafers), a slim grey tie and gadget covers look fantastic.” Sadan agrees on the grey tie being easy going with almost all shirts. “Grey loafers and shoes are a must in your wardrobe as they go with any colour outfit. Grey sunglasses are the cool choice for every occasion.”

It is not enough to know what is in fashion. Great fashion is about also knowing the dos & don’ts of fashion. With regards the colour lead 3grey, Masumi suggests, “For men, carry grey and grey in mono for work. For a casual look, pair grey hat on shorts and a t-shirt. It is best if men do not add excessive colours to go with grey. Keep it a statement for a formal look. Do not use grey in a complete casual look team it up with a blue. The dos for women are to keep it formal use grey in a peplum formal dress. Add a grey in your casual wear like use it suede grey boots and a grey scarf. The don’ts for women would be not incorporating a grey with yellow, green, orange at all. Don’t use grey for a formal shirt. You rather have a formal baby pink shirt with a grey blazer on top.”

Lastly, Sadan quips, “There are many greys that have flecks of other colors which will give even inexpensive materials a more authentic look. Wear a white shirt and twin this with a pastel or brightly coloured tie such as a soft pink or bright yellow to keep it upbeat for what will hopefully be a joyous occasion. Don’t use a flashy or neon colour with grey. Finally, a gold watch is a big no with grey suit.”

With tips like these, one will find it easier to don the colour grey much easier. Following the books will not be a good idea, though.