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Scottish Style: Hop Scotch Craze


Tartan & Plaids always have the knack to be in fashion every winter. Sapna Sarfare brings forth all tips to wear the Scottish pattern in style.

Tie your laces, lassies as interesting options are hitting the world of fashion. The recent charmer is Tartan and Plaids. Yes, these patterns have been created waves around. And we believe what is best on the ramps is best for us. And so designers Neha Modi of ‘Inch by Neha Modi’ and Aniket Satam are gung-ho about dolling their fashion tips to the fashion conscious janta.

Time and again, one always keeps on asking oneself the question of how a trend comes into focus. In our case, it is tartans and plaids which are an interesting choice this season. Aniket feels that tartans have been quite a repeated theme for many fall collections.

“It has emerged as one of the classic Fall Fashion staples. It has its lineage rooted in traditional heirloom British textile and screams Anglo aristocracy and a sense of uniform. As trivia of fact, in Scotland, each family has its own unique tartan checks which are unique to one’s own clan. One can also get a customised tartan made and registered for their own family from one of their pioneering textile houses.” Neha finds tartans and plaids an interesting pattern to look great on anybody and for any occasion. “Men and women can rock plaids and tartans in different style, which will surely never go wrong.”

While it is good that some things never go out of fashion, it is imperative that some minor changes bring out more charm out of it. Both the designers have seen certain styles emerging in tartan & plaids. Neha adds, “Tartan & plaid skirts are everywhere. Be it an A-line skirt, pencil skirt on mini skirt, girls are rocking the look. The pencil skirts are one of my favourite which compliments a curvy figure and looks smart when paired with a plain tee or a cropped top. I really like the plaid and tartan patterned jackets, smartly cut and tailored which will look smart on a guy.” Aniket, on the hand, finds tartan to be a tricky trend as it might bend towards looking like school or convent school uniform. This is when it is projected as a solo trend.

“Thanks to the punk moment, it has re-positioned tartan in distressed & deconstructed form as a symbol of anti-conformity. Thus, most of the time, one teams tartan with unlikely off beat materials like leather, lace and other such punk style basics like safety pins, studs, rivets, chains, etc, celebrating the anti-anarchy punk movement of late 70s.”

All this talk is good, but what is more interesting is the manner in which one includes it in your wardrobe. Aniket suggests, “The best way to sport tartan is by celebrating its core concept of unique signature-woven checkered pattern and create one unique tartan for one-self. Create such textures using various ribbons and strips of different material and different width.”

Neha feels one can pair tartan or plain miniskirt with funky tee to hang out with one’s friends. “You can also put on a simple tartan or plaid patterned tee with black or brown pencil skirt with your hair pulled up in a neat bun or pony and that is all you need to look fashionably smart for your meeting. Men can put on a plaid pants and plain white or black t-shirt along with a leather jacket which will give them a rugged and sexy look. Men can also opt for a tartan jacket to carry a smart look at work.”

Now prepare to wow everyone with the perfect tartan and plaid attire. Though your wardrobe is perfectly set, we are always hungry for more. There can always be some more options to include in the wardrobe. Neha adds, “Tartan or plaid patterned bags and wallets look fun yet very chic. It is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. Not just bags and wallets, there are also pretty shoes and pumps in those patterns which will surely give an edge to your look.” Aniket suggests the interested ones to team traditional cuts (shift dress, pencil skirt) which are in tartan suiting with hints and accents of leather patch, stud details. This highlights the punk translation like spiked collar, studded yoke, etc.

“Tartan trousers and pleated skirts works best with plain black tops in minimal tailoring. Think classic leather crew necks, black leather bralet tops, etc. Feminine shirts and day dresses look spunky in light weight fabrics with tartan print as it tones down the heaviness of original heavy woven. Layer it with grunge classics like worn out jackets, grey mohair jumper and leather boots with rolled down socks for edgy appeal.” Go ahead, lads…

Tips for wearing Tartan & Plaid in style

  • Simple crew necks with iconic British figures like Birmingham Palace, London Tower, Queen’s portrait, Union Jack, Corgis, etc., works well with tartan sorts or tartan tennis skirts.
  • Avoid overdose of matching-ness. Avoid entire tartan suit or matching tartan bags.
  • Avoid tartans for summer as they have a great significant fall vibe.
  • Avoid tartans in fancy colour schemes. Go with only classic like red, black and green.
  • Avoid tartan in sarees and traditional attire.