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Moving cities, rent furniture at pocket-friendly rates


Moving cities or a change to match your taste, some things are worth spending for as Pritha Banerjee discovers more and more people are opting to rent furniture than owning them

Does your job expect you to move from city to city? Or you just love the change of place. But why to spend extra on movers to carry furniture that you might not need for a long run? So that, it doesn’t come in between your love for Netflix and chill on a comfortable couch and spending a lot to buy it, renting these movables, seems like a better option. There are many online portals to rent furniture at pocket-friendly rates.

How it works?

Furnishing a space is daunting and expensive if you are on a tight budget. “When you get your first job and move to a new city, you don’t really have the time and money to buy a houseful of new furniture from a showroom floor. It was easier for me to rent the furniture from Furlenco,” says Subham Singh. He has been using a bed, blanket and a table lamp rented at Rs 1,600 per month from Furlenco, an online portal for rental furniture.

Furlenco is available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida. They have a minimum term for rent of three months and the company covers damages up to Rs 10,000. It also offers free cleaning and one free relocation service as part of the deal. “The company gives free delivery and sets-up of the furniture at home. I only had to pay one month’s rent as security deposit. Most of the furniture at my home is rented from Furlenco and I have got used to it,” says Praeek Khare. The deal for sofa starts at Rs 799 per month, a refrigerator and washing machine at Rs 2,000 per month, and a 32-inch TV, sofa, and a floor lamp, all at Rs 2,350 per month.

Pepperfry, an online portal to buy furniture online, started offering rental services since September 2017. Apart from the other cities, they are also offering rental services in additional cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Chennai. Harsh Chandra, who moved to Chennai a year back, says, “The rent of furniture available at Pepperfry is affordable. The thing that attracted me the most was that the rent was affordable without any security deposit. I have rented my sofa-set and have been using it for almost a year now.  They have not compromised with the quality of the furniture.” For Pepperfry, the furniture is to be rented for a minimum period of six months.

Other than this, there are other platforms like Formula Group, Rentomojo, SabRentKaro, Rentmacha and many more. Most of them are available at the click of a button.

Find your personal style

When you are buying your first house and have the financial means, renting furniture can help design and identify your personal style. Lotipa Meshram, an interior designer, says “It often takes time to really discover and develop a style that you want for your perfect home. The tastes of people change quickly but once you see things come together, you can figure out what you want for a long term.”

“Furlenco can be a good option when you are still at the stage of figuring out what you want. As they let you extend your rental plan and swap with any other furniture design with no extra cost added, if you want to change the look of the room,” says Lotipa. There is a new feature added in Furlenco to rent kids-friendly furniture. “You can change the theme of the room with no extra cost other than the monthly subscription fee.”

Maximum users

With the cities flooding with students and bachelors for education and jobs, the demand of rental furniture is increasing day by day. There is also a rising trend for aesthetically appealing and light weight rental furniture that fuel the growth of the furniture rental market. “I always had a cosy recliner and a quirky floor lamp at home. I just moved to a new city and instead of moving my old furniture, I rented them. The recliner I rented came with a set of soft furnishing and now it is my favourite piece of furniture in the new house,” says Megha.

The rise in spending on rental furniture has also increased due to the low rent. People are spending less and also saving money on the maintenance. Hence, it has a positive impact on the growth of furniture rental market. Also with the growing numbers of internet subscribers with smartphones, it is easier for the young generation to get furniture hassle-free. Though, it will take a bit of time for the older generation to get used to idea of renting furniture, the young generation believes in owning experiences and not things.


Renting furniture might be new and exciting but not suitable for a longer period of time. Though it might look like a cheaper option at first, when you add up the deposit, security money, and monthly-base rent, you are spending more. “When I shifted from my one BHK flat to a three BHK flat, I needed something to fill-up all the empty space. As I was already paying EMI for my flat, I decided to rent some furniture thinking it would be a cheaper option. I rented a sofa set and lamp stand for Rs 1,900 per month, which comes up to Rs 22,800 for a year excluding the taxes and security deposit,” said Deepak Kumar.

Today’s homeowners get a choice between buying furniture from a carpenter shop nearby or renting it online. Many of them choose one option over the other due to many reasons. Rais Siddiqui, owner of Ever Green Furniture for more than 20 years, says, “Ever since people started renting furniture, there has been a huge setback on my sale. People are not buying furniture from shops like they used to.”