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Nothing beats the feeling for a woman when she knows that she is pregnant. It is an experience like no other. And she wants to feel extra special. One of the ways to do that is by dressing up in style.

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These days, fashion for pregnant women is glowing like the women themselves. You see the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively and Carol Gracias dress up like queens during their pregnancy. Many others would like to take tips to look like a billion bucks in the most important stage of their lives.

Drishti Thakker and Zahabia Calcuttawala who run the label Drishti Zahabia see a lot of Indian women change their wardrobe for their trimesters. “However this was not the case back then. First trimester, you are more or less of the same size, so the regular wardrobe works. During the second and third trimesters, women were seen wearing loose maxis, two sizes larger t-shirts with leggings or just trying to fit in their own wardrobe which included their very own saris, kurtas or salwar! It was all about comfort more than anything else. There was also a reluctance to spend over something which would be of no use a couple of months down the line.”

Designer Amy Billimoria agrees with her colleagues and adds, “In the past, women always preferred A-line and empire line loose comfort clothing during pregnancy. They would be A-line initially and go looser and bias in the last two trimesters.”lead-1

Changing times bring in with them changing fashions. Designer Eshaa Amiin reveals, “Women now-a-days do not want to wear loose and oversized clothes while pregnant. Women now want to flaunt their baby bumps and celebrate motherhood in style.”

Amy feels women have become more conscious of fashion during pregnancy. “Various lengths and silhouettes in plain and prints, be it dresses or tunics or drapes all that camouflage the waist or accentuate are worn by the modern day moms to be.”

Drishti and Zahabia feel women have evolved and do not see anything wrong in taking style tips from celebs or from abroad. “Indian mommies now don’t mind spending over an exclusive maternity wardrobe. They’re all open to up the game. Moreover, now we see several retailers and designers offering and marketing a special range of maternity wear which have also contributed to the rise of this trend.”

Of course, celebrities mainly actresses are the ones setting the trend for looking fabulous during pregnancy. Eshaa feels celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kareena Kapoor flaunt their bumps in the most stylish ways. “They showed everyone that maternity is not to be hidden but sometimes to be proud about how your body changes in a most beautiful way.”

Drishti and Zahabia comment that celebs are indeed setting the standards and are teaching others to open up and show off their bumps. “Kim Kardashian got us the best of west while Kareena Kapoor’s maternity style is effortless. I would also like to mention how confidently Carol Gracious walked the ramp and Shveta Salve shot in a bikini… flaunting her baby bump. She looked divine. It’s good to see how these ladies are setting trends and giving out a clear message – be yourself! It’s the most important phase of your life, live it up, wear whatever makes you feel good and look your best.”

Looking up to someone is one thing but getting actual tips is another. Amy wants all the pregnant ladies to opt for breathable and non fussy clothing in all trimesters. “Keep the length comfortable and colours in ferns, peaches and lemons to brighten up one’s mood.”

Eshaa has simple tips for all pregnant ladies. “In the 1st trimester, go for maternity belly band extended jeans and trousers. During the 2nd trimester, choose tops wrap dresses and leggings and in the 3rd trimester, pick skirt maxis and floor length dressed.”

Drishti and Zahabia suggest, “Essentials are important. It can turn out to be a good investment. The must-haves are basic maternity tank tops, camisoles and t-shirts, maternity jeans, at least one maternity dress, a pair of black and dressy slacks. One can experiment with shift dresses, kimonos, long cardigans, flowing maxis that cut at the empire and wrap dresses. They are all classics and works during all three trimesters. They keep things comfortable yet trendy! Maternity lingerie is also very important. Pick the right kind of bra that fits well and makes you look and feel good.”

Accessories form a part of looking good and it does not have to stop even if you are pregnant. Drishti and Zahabia reveal, “Keeping it minimalistic yet stylish is the key. One can opt for dainty studs, light rings and chains, scarves in vibrant colours and statement sunglasses. Always takes away the attention from the bump! Stay away from heels and pick out the best bag from your wardrobe and you’re all set.” Opting for flat and comfy shoes is Amy’s numero uno advice apart from keeping away from too many accessories. For her, it is all about being minimalistic yet comfortable.

Any tip is good tip for looking like a million bucks, even while you are pregnant. Amy wants the ladies to choose fabrics suitable for their temperament and keep away from discomforting heavy embroideries. “Wear easy silhouettes and nothing too long.” lead-2

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Drishti and Zahabia too want every pregnant woman to be comfortable and avoid synthetic fabrics or black which absorb heat and is not at all good for the unborn child. “Also don’t go for anything that’s wrinkle-free. Fabric plays a huge role. Opt for cottons, stretchy knits, organic mulls etc. Do not wear huge prints in vibrant colours; they’ll make you look larger. Carry off whatever you wear with great confidence and oomph! To sum it up, listing down the requisites which will help you build your wardrobe: ruching (gathers), patterns or all-solid colours to create a slimming effect, extra length in the torso for shirts, tops and dresses, extra-long torso to provide complete coverage and empire waist tops and dresses.”

With tips in the kitty, looking great during pregnancy is easy. Look good, mommy!