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Make a statement


Statement Pieces are the latest trend talks around in the fashion world. Sapna Sarfare shows how to be the centre of attention by picking the right statement pieces to suit your individuality.

Fashion is never about dressing like a mannequin or that model on the ramp. It’s all about selecting the trends to suit your personality and creating your own style to looking like a million buck. Statement Pieces are the latest things in fashion discussed with much furor.

If you ask them what statement pieces are, designer Aniket Satam quips that they are that one integral accessory/clothing which defines your look and becomes the centre of attraction in your styled set of ensemble. “It forms the core foundation of a particular look and the wearer decides & builds rest of the look around this significant accessory or element of clothing.”lead kutchi jacket

Fellow designer Eshaa Amin adds that statement pieces is considered interesting, attractive and relatively eye-catching wardrobe items, which reflects one’s personality. “They are usually quite bold & unique, but not necessarily brightly coloured and oversized. They are often but not always, the thing people notice first about your outfit. Sometimes, they become items that people associate with your signature style.”

Jewellery designer Ojasvita Mahendru feels statement pieces are design with questions of its back-story. “In short, it is a conversation starter. A statement piece is created after a certain amount of research making sure that this particular story is not selling in the market and hence will once introduced will make a statement as it will be unique in the material & color palette used, quality, style or of different culture altogether which also increases its product cost. A statement piece adds to the persona of the customer giving him/her a look that no one around you can carry and makes you stand out.”

Eshaa feels that a true statement piece contains elements of getting inner confidence and being noticed. “Style is about creating a positively reinforcing feedback loop between the way we feel and the way we look. Statement pieces are like the headlines in this story.”Aniket calls it a lifesaver and that secret formula when in doubt. “These are the secret inlead 3gredients that rescue you in any fashion dilemma. They are instant & full proof elements, which would convert your dressing into major talk of fashion gossip.”

Ojasvita agrees with regards the vitality of such pieces in making you look unique amongst the crowd. “One should own at least 5-6 statement pieces apart from their daily wear. Statement piece also adds on the feel good factor as it makes you feel unique.”

It is quite easy to pick a statement piece. Aniket suggests that the art of sporting, collecting & curating any statement pieces begins with the idea that the piece will be a reflection of yourself and an extension of your signature taste. “It should not overpower and take over your dressing, but should compliment your personal tastes & likings. Choose that one particular piece & dress around that piece as a focal point. Avoid clashing of two strongly designed elements. It can be just a doorknob ring, tribal earrings, locally crafted bag or a vintage embroidered jacket. Make that piece your hero and script rest of the accessories, clothing and makeup, which would accentuate the beauty of that particular lead 4item.”

Ojasvita is quite clear-cut. “A statement piece can be picked up on the basis of the following elements:  shape, size, color palette, the story behind it which makes it different and anything which isn’t available in the market. Being different from the rest might add on the cost of the piece, but don’t mind spending as you will not have this piece is large numbers in your wardrobe.”

You now roll over to getting the details of the statement pieces must for your wardrobe. Aniket states, “They have to be unique, should complement your personal taste and tell a story. Travel treasures, heirloom and traditional finds from different cultures often are considered great statement pieces. DIY crafts skills also make a great statement pieces. Up-cycle designs & concepts are in vogue in context of statement pieces as they are unusual in its conception & execution.”

Ojasvita confirms that in the coming season, look out for metal-jeweled capes, ear cuffs, statement maang tikkas, nose cuffs & shoulder cuffs. “For ethnic event, one must have a hand harness & statement neckpiece with oversized stones with different cut. One must have statement collar pins to add drama to their simple shirts.”

Pairing these statement pieces is also of utmost importance. Aniket feels the beauty of such pieces is pairing them with neutrals to highlight their unique & fun quotient. “The solid contrast of monochrome black & white acts like a canvas to highlight the unique quality of these designs. Also, try sharp color blocking for adding a fun & fearless element with the concept of contrast of shades.” Ojasvita opines that a statement piece lets you live different characters for different o

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 15:  Sonam Kapoor attends the Opening Ceremony and 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere during the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival at the Theatre Lumiere on May 15, 2013 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)ccasions. “Make sure that for one day, you have a statement belt for lunches or footwear with bright colors. A plain shirt with designer collar pins or a sassy ring would complete your day adding the desirable drama. At night, one can add on statement maang tikkas for ethnic or a hand harness to complete the look.”

The stage is set for getting the statement pieces of your choice. But what do the designers consider for themselves in statement pieces? For Eshaa, they are her accessories: her specs, watch and handbags. “But I also have coats, scarves & shoes. All of my statement pieces make me confident and happy with my outfit.” Aniket reveals, “My personal collection of up-cycle Kawaii broaches from the flea markets of Thailand are definitely head turners. They are these cute little colorful monster key-chains, which I sport as jacket pins and at times on plain tee shirt for a fun casual cool quotient. In addition, the vintage up-cycled Kutchi work zipper jacket is one collector’s item, which definitely adds up a colourful zing when teamed with little black dress to a basic tank top over denim.”

The jewellery designer in Ojasvita prefers making a statement with a giant ring/neckpiece or with an oversized hair band. “Making the outfit simple and adding drama with accessories is my personal style. My statement pieces usually are selected based on colors and the type of stones and size. My current favorite stone is Galactic Cut by Swarovski Elements. Pieces designed using that stone catches my attention.” Making a splash of a statement with some gorgeous statement pieces.