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LFW S|R 2018: Designer duo Sweta, Priyangsu bring modern Indian Culture into Breathing Spaces collection


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Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2018 is all set to bring new fashion trends with a touch of various culture. However, versatile designer duo Sweta Tantia and Priyangsu Maji are bringing the modern Indian culture through their latest collection ‘Breathing Spaces’ with the label ‘Tahweave’.

When we asked about the specialty of the collection, the designer duo Sweta and Priyangsu said, “Free-flowing fabric and soothing colours offer a natural lightness to the soul by creating a breathing space between extremes. We are focusing mainly on layers, our hand weaved fabrics and minimal embroideries. It is going to be an amalgamation of soft pastel colours infused with modern Indian culture keeping it fresh and sober.”

Usually, we decide to see fashion show on the basis of the showstopper. But, Sweta and Priyangsu are an exception to this. Speaking about the showstopper, they told, “We will not be keeping any showstopper.”

Well, Sweta and Priyangsu’s latest collection, ‘Breathing Spaces’ signifies a breath of fresh air that refocuses the mind on the present moment. Combined with the natural fabrics, it creates a space that is carefree, peaceful and enveloped in the serenity of the natural world. Moreover, the overlayers to long flowy dress indulged in pastel colors like off white, blue, and blush pink with minimal embroidery, the collection deals with everyday chic yet casual, easy breezy women’s wear.

Speaking about Tahweave, the designer duo said, “Tahweave is a sustainable clothing brand that solely believes in reliving the craft mostly all over the world and concentrates on its weaves and minimal embroideries that helps to accentuate the ensemble. We, at Tahweave, believe in contributing towards building a lifestyle rather than simply selling a product and providing people with a range of affordable and comfortable organic clothing perfectly suitable for a tropical country like India.”

Sweta and Priyangsu are all set to present their Breathing Spaces collections with the label Tahweave on 4th February 2018.