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Letting your hair up


To beat the summer heat, all you have to do is get the right hairstyle and haircut. SAPNA SARFARE shows you the right way to approach it.

Summers have already settled in everywhere and every drop of perspiration is set on creating havoc in your life. The worst hit by the summer heat are your hair which will go either limp due to the intense sweating or go dry and weird due to the heat. What your precious hair needs is either a cool summer hairstyle or haircut, which will let you enjoy the season without sweating over any hair issues and feel lightheaded. It is vital to know which hairstyles and haircuts you should go for to avoid looking like someone escaped from the circus.

Different hair structure means different troubles in this season. Manasee Thakur, hairstylist & make-up artist of Pune-based Manasee Studio 101, opines that lack of volume, dry brittle hair, split ends, dull hair, flaky scalp, and chlorine damage are the major issues which most face in summers. “Of course, the main reason behind this is dehydration,” she reveals. Mayophi Zingkhai, founder Mayophi, hairstylist and beauty expert, agrees with and finds frizziness as one of the major issues which majority face.lead 3

We are also quite unobvious to the fact that hairstyles & haircut mistakes also do happen the most during summers. Mayophi discloses, “Most get their fringes done which is better for winters. Fringes lead to more sweat and pimples.” Indian women, according to Manasee, usually go for long hair most of the time. “In fact, short hair gives a much fresher & younger look. Summer is the perfect time to go shorter with your tresses. With the wrong style, you land up with a lot of styling tools, which makes your hair frizz up in the end and damages the keratin of your hair. People should choose the right colour and avoid blonde, ash and yellow gold colours. Use a styling product or an accessory to combat a bad hair day and make it look interesting. Coconut oil is an effective way to improve hair growth and repair damage hair.”

Now we arrive at the major query of the trends, which both men and women can try out comfortably. According to Manasee, women can go for asymmetric bobs, lobs, cropped look, Boho curls, digital waves, crafted fringes, triangular fringes and emo hair. “Men can go for side sweep, dapper, quaff, undercut, pompadour, curly fade or side cut.” In terms of hairstyles, she suggests women can go for fishtail braids, Dutch braids, chignon, waterfall braids, ladder braids, lace braids, half moon buns or knot. Mayophi further adds, “I think messy buns look great and comfortable. Bob cut on women is my favourite for summers, especially on the ones who work long hours. It makes them look stylish at all times and requires least maintenance. Men should stick to short hair that always looks trendy despite of any season. Though fringe has been redsignalled, you might try Manasee’s fringe tips with the suggestions of your favourite hairdresser.

For any trend, we love to follow celebs. How can we leave them behind for hairstyles and haircuts? Oscar-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence can be seen in piecey layers, while fellow actor Bella Heathcote looks fabulous in bluntly razored hairstyle. Emma Stone’s gently waved bob makes us love her beauty. Sexy singer Rihanna was seen in a messy bun. Olivia Palermo looked great with a long French braid.

Among the men, Idris Elba’s buzz cut makes him look very delicious, while actor & stand-up comic Aziz Ansari stays smart with simple side combed hair. Actor Rufus Sewell kept his short hair in natural quality and curls. Jim Cooper or Dr. Sheldon Copper from The Big Bang Theory keeps his style neat with short haircut, which is perfect for summers.

Just like for your body, you need to use special styling products for summer to protect your crowning glory. Manasee suggests, “You can try out dry shampoo, tea tree shampoo, blowout spray, dry texture spray, matt finish hair wax, beach clay leave-in conditioners, shine spray, Argan oil, hair mousse or curly sprays for beautiful hair.”

Now that you have been updated of the hairstyles & haircuts for summers, it is time to visit your faithful saloon and get that style or cut you have your eyes on.

Here are tips for maintaining your hair this summer:

  • Try washing your hair as frequently for scalp hygiene.
  • Make sure to use right products to styling.
  • Try regular hair spas for frizz-free hair.
  • You can also go for scrunching your curls.
  • Stay away from ironing tools.
  • Indulging in hot oil massage is a good idea.
  • Importantly, hydrate yourself.
  • Using leave-in products always works.
  • After wash, blast dry and use nice serum.
  • Eat healthy and make sure to consume enough proteins to keep your hair texture naturally.
  • If you love & pamper your hair, they will be well behaved.
  • Make sure to take good care of your hair as it has a strange way of getting back if you don’t.
  • Finally, the key to modern looking is to keep your hair short notice stylish.
  • Tips by Manasee Thakur & Mayophi Zingkhai