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Happy ‘furry’ feet!


All those shoe-crazy men and women, there’s one more style of footwear to drool over, says Sneha Singh

Platforms, stilettos, wedges get alert, there’s a rival on the ramp. Furry footwears have found grounds, pun intended, in many celebs’ wardrobes. Footwear can make or break your fashion image. And celebs know this better than anyone else. And these new footwear are slowly creating a buzz in the fashion scene and are creating fashion goals for footwear crazy.

From West to East
From New York to Paris, from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian, several celebrities have been spotted with their ‘furry feet’! And when it comes to fashion, why should our B-Town beauties be left behind. Recently, Alia Bhatt was seen flaunting her furry high heel-ankle strap on a famous comedy show. Also see at her furry best for former Bollywood actress and now author Twinkle Khanna.W_anchor rihanna

A trend soon
Slides, or home slippers, are the most common and largely accepted form of furry footwear. But they are also available in several varieties, and you can wear then on casuals, party dresses and even on formals. Some people may tag this trend as ‘weird’ but if chosen right and paired with a complementing attire and occasion, you will surely be able to rock the look. Speaking about the possibility of furry footwear becoming a trend in India, Pune-based professional shoe designer, Shradha Hedau said, “First the furry footwear were on the map only for the slide sandals but now they are expanded to virtually all styles. And since the winter is coming up these footwear will definitely increase your style quotient be in any shoe style.”

On the ramp
Fashion runways in New York, Paris, London and Milan were loaded with this footwear style. Eminent brands in footwear like Nike and Puma have also released their chain of furry shoes. Blended with fur and minimalistic features, furry footwear is meant to show off your wilder side. Pom-pom is the other style similar to furry shoes; bright colourful pom-pom is best recommended for college girls or for a casual hangout. Celebrity Shoe Sculptor Payal Kothari and owner of Veruschka- the shoe couture, reviewed the trend saying, “Pom-poms are definitely cuter and you see them from time to time on several accessories from hats, bags, earrings, key chains to shoes. I personally love how Sophia Webster has used them on shoes. The use of colourful pompoms makes the shoe very playful”.

Why should men be behind
International fashion bloggers have already gone gaga on this style, and many top-notch fashion designers dazzled their creativity in form of furry footwear. This style of footwear is also available for men too. Loafers with fur, slip on clogs, Moccasins and sneakers for the hunkies. Being sassy and fun at the same time is the best thing about furry footwear; in west people are wearing it on casual jeans and on short dresses too. Renowned Shoe designer Aprajita Toor says, “Furry shoes / footwear made a strong presence with use of furry feathers, shearling, and faux fur. Perhaps this was among the most prominent trend in footwear fashion which was seen on the runway. The furry footwear trend has now sobered from being over the top to minimal use.”

Going desi
While designer Shradha Hedau suggests, “Keeping the Indian weather in mind, this can be a little risky purchase, but try going mostly for slide sandals, and not completely closed ones. Darker colours like Maroon, Deep Blue, Brown are total win in fur shoes.” Since it’s winter, are these footwear apt for the season? Says Aprajita, “It largely depends on an individual’s choice, but they are definitely the trend for the season.” One of the India’s top trending fashion blogger Shalini Chopra shared her opinion saying “The furry slide was the shoe of the summer, with Rihanna’s style taking the crown. Slipping them on instantly invites a mood of spa-like relaxation. I would prefer shaggy shearling slides. However, personally, I prefer to rock my sliders at home than outdoors.”
“There is something called a trend and then a fad, the latter lasting for a shorter time than the other. I am hoping furry shoes are a fad. Furry shoes on the ankle straps are still palatable, but the all-furry/hairy shoes are an eye-soar to say the least,” said Payal Kothari about the idea of this trend. W_anchor zendaya

But don’t get carried away
On one hand, furry footwear, if worn right, can help create a fashion statement, on the other hand, if one gets carried away, it can lead to a fashion faux pas. One example of such a fashion disaster would be pop singer Miley Cyrus who has been sporting overly furry and hairy slides making it a not-so-pleasing view for others around. When it comes to furry footwear, it is important to have the right kind of attire to go with it. Shalini Chopra, with her all her expertise suggests, “For winters, fuzz-covered booties and fluffy-cuffed moto boots will be stylish kicks. Keeping the rest of your look polished, with a white shirt and high-waisted pencil skirt/jeans leading the way.”